Islamic Moral Story for Kids: Allah Sees Us

There was a mother who had 3 little boys, they were identical twins, she loved them very much and raised them to be good civilians among people. she always tells them what's right and what's wrong to do and watch them carefully to make sure they don't make mistakes.

One day, when the mother came to reward her 3 twins children for memorizing Quran, as usual, she gave her first boy 5 pounds and a goodnight kiss and gave her second boy 7 pounds and a goodnight kiss and a hug, and said to him: well done Abdullah, and gave her third boy 5 pounds and a goodnight kiss...

So the 2 of them that had only 5 pounds complained to their mother about what she gave Abdullah and asked about why it was more than them and they were sad that she always prefer him more, and wondered what's the reason ?!

So the mother said: Ok, you have the right to know, but you'll know tomorrow, now sleep tight so that you can wake up early in the morning for the school tomorrow.

In the morning, she gave each one of them candy before going to school and asked them to eat it when no one is watching them and when they come, they will tell her where each one of them ate his candy,

When they came back, she asked them: Where did you eat your candy??

The first son said: at the backyard when no one was around.

The other son said: in the hallway when I was going to the bathroom and I made sure that no one sees me.

And Abdullah said: I didn't eat it at all.

So the mother asked him: why didn't you eat your candy??

Abdullah answered: because whenever I go Allah see me and watch me in every breath, as you told us.

The mother smiled and told her two boys: see! That's why I prefer Abdullah more because he does what he learns from the Quran, he doesn't just memorize the Quran to succeed in his test.

So his two brothers understood the lesson and promised to do like Abdullah from now on.

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