Job interview questions and answers:

During the personal interview, many of us may face the most fateful seconds in our life, especially if it is an interview for a job or an application to join, and this article will help you build an idea of the most important main questions that may meet you during the interview and how you can overcome them. 

Job interview questions and answers:

Why should we hire you exactly?

To answer this question, you will not only be required to talk about your skill set that matches the requirements of the job because they also expect you to demonstrate your confidence in yourself and your abilities, but you can also highlight in your answer your personal capabilities and explain why you are a better option than the rest of the applicants for this job, tell them about your previous achievements in this field and back to them mention your interest in the company and the job. 

Job interview questions and answers:

What makes you get out of bed in the morning? 

This question tells the interviewer if you have an overall plan in your life. It can be answered by saying “I wake up every morning with a new goal, whether it is one in my personal or professional life. One day my goal might be to improve the design of my website, and the next day it might turn into improving my marketing funnel. Smaller goals unite to help me give our customers what they deserve. " 

What are your evaluation criteria for success?

If your answer contains any numbers, you will be excluded immediately, as it is said that the higher the salary you are asking for, the greater the degree of disapproval of those who conduct the interview with you, and this is because your response did not show them your passion for the job, but on the contrary, I show you as a greedy person who only cares about money even if This was through betrayal of the company, so your definition of success must fit according to the definition of the company, and it should not appear in the image of a personal interest or hostile to the policy of the organization that you seek to work with.  

Job interview questions and answers:

How do you deal with stress and job tension?

You have to really be able to deal with stress and tension in order to be able to answer this question, and one should expect that he would face many stressful situations during his career path and instead give them a positive response and tell them that you are facing a lot of determination to finish your job. You can even answer that pressures push you to work better, as the greater the challenges, the greater the efficiency you show in the performance of your work. However, the answer varies from one person to another. You can also respond directly and say, for example, “I train to deal with stress or "I deal with pressure by sitting alone for some time and analyzing the issue in my head." 

Job interview questions and answers:

What are your strongest strengths?

This is another easy question that is frequently asked during interviews and you have to talk about your advantages that will help you to ensure the job you are applying for. You should not be distracted and keep talking about your strengths that are related in one way or another to the requirements of the job and it is preferable not to talk about your strength too much, so it should not be One is very boastful when speaking of his strengths. 

What are your biggest weaknesses?

This question may be deceptive and needs a lot of deliberation before answering it, this question must be answered wisely, and this will be by talking about skills that are not related to the requirements of the job. Shy and formerly introverted, but now you have become more confident and love to communicate with the people around you, and doing this will make you turn your negative point into a positive. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Your answer will show whether your only interest is work or whether you have a healthy balance between life and work. The correct answer shows both your dedication to work and other hobbies that refresh your mind and body on holidays, as spending a lot of time at work is unhealthy and unproductive; So many employees prefer to hire someone who knows the right time to take comfort. 

Job interview questions and answers:

How much was your salary in your last job? 

This is a difficult question. On the one hand, you want to be honest and know if the salary is within the range, On the other hand, you do not want to be removed from the candidates' pool too soon. This question can be answered by saying: “Currently, I am more interested in finding what works best for me. If I can help make this company grow, while learning new skills in this job, I am sure we can negotiate and arrive at a fair salary for both of us.” 

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