Top 15 competitive jobs in USA

America had been and will always be a broad market for all job seekers all over the world. The main reason is the relative higher salaries in comparison to other countries, which makes the american market a highly competitive environment for employment. However, no single job suits everyone and before looking for a job - supposing you are new to career - you should think about job environment and stress which is more important than the higher salary. Some jobs possess lowers risks and relative lower salaries but may suit you better than a job with high salary and high risk. This article is about best jobs not the highest paying jobs, competitiveness, innovation, and also life style.

1- Software and App developers:

With average salary of 100,000 USD, software development seems like a great chance for anyone with the talent and innovation enough to develop computer software, mobile apps, and websites. America is the home of major software companies and hold many chances for people with talents to start their career at silicon valley.

2- Dentist:

Average salary is (150,000 USD). Dentists make a lot of money indeed in USA but unlike software developers, studying dentistry and any medical related specialties takes a lot of time and effort so it's not a piece of cake after all.

3- Physician Assistant:

Average salary (100,000 USD). As the title denotes, physician assistants work for providing help to physicians, reading and interpreting medical lab tests, primary evaluation of patients, and even organizing exams.

4- Nurse practitioner:

Nurses are found everywhere in medical field. Monitoring of patients, wound cares, help in surgical theaters, sample collection, and even some sorts of mild intervention could be a nurse job. Average salary (100,000 USD).

5- Ortho-dentist:

Ortho-dentists, unlike regular dentists, would operate surgically on patients providing plastic and remodeling surgeries for patients allowing better appearance of teeth. Average salary (200,000 USD).

6- Statistician:

If you like numbers and getting a new knowledge based on some numbers and curves, this is the most suitable job. Statisticians can be found anywhere in any organization that needs to make profit, stop losses, or just getting to know what's going on in business. No specific limits for statistician for where they can work. Average salary (80,000 USD).

7- Pediatrician:

Not as easy as it seems as besides medical knowledge, must be able to communicate or even just interpret what's wrong with a child. Get ready to keep your cell phone available for any time, a worrying mother would call you anytime and you may not get good sleep or perfect social life. Average salary (160,000 USD).

8- Obstetrician and Gynecologist:

Like most of medical jobs, no perfect social life. Loads of complications you want to be aware of in addition to surgical skills which needs lots of training, time, and money. Average salary (200,000 USD).

9- Maxillofacial Surgeon:

Unlike dentists and ortho-dentists, Maxillofacial surgeons would operate surgically on the face and mandible areas. Patients with severe disfiguring accidents or with genetic abnormalities on the face or mandibles will be the area of speciality of maxillofacial surgeons. Lots of skills and training and a good salary as well (200,000 USD).

10- Physicians:

Physicians can proceed to many subspecialities (internal medicine, cardiologists, nephrologists) and can also work as a family physician who would care for differential diagnosis of diseases and referral of patients to specialized physicians. Average salary (190,000 USD).

11- Occupational and Physical Therapist:

These guys will help patients to cope with several accidents or injuries to obtain a better life style and functionality allowing them to get back to normal life activities. Average salary (90,000 USD).

12- Anesthesiologist:

The man who puts you to sleep. However, most of people don't really recognize the area of specialty of anesthesiologists. The modern trend and science of anesthesia would care more about pain management and dealing with intense care situations besides anesthetizing patients for surgeries. Average salary (200,000 USD).

13- Surgeons:

Surgeons and Anesthesiologists are usually best friends as they operate at the same area and the same patient all of the time. Surgery needs lots of skills plus medical knowledge and bad social life sometimes. However, good salary will compensate (200,000 USD).

14- Psychiatrist:

Psychiatrists make a lot of money indeed but you have to keep your voice tone low and wear owl glasses. That's the typical picture of psychiatrists but what they really have to deal with is far more complicated than what's shown on television. The easy part would be the diagnosis, the hard part is the management of patients allowing to modify their behavior or how to deal with stressful situations. Imagine a patient with cancer who feels depressed and don't want to proceed with treatment while you have to convince them otherwise. Average salary (190,000 USD).

15- Marketing Manager:

Seems easy but imagine you have to convince someone of buying your product. Remember Leonardo DeCabrio in the wolf of wall street?. Well you  don't have to be as bad as this guy but imagine how hard it is to make someone pay you money for your product. A lot of campaigns and image creation and also managing the whole corporate identity. Average salary (130,000 USD).