Salary Range (Monthly)
10000 - 20000 (USD)

Sales & Shareholder Administrator

The Sales & Shareholder Administrator will serve as liaison between Sales & Shareholder Administration and other service providers and the Funds. In addition, the Sales & Shareholder Administrator will be responsible for overseeing the support of the Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and processing dealer commission payments. The Sales & Shareholder Administrator will work closely with CRM data outsource provider, transfer agent, Dealers and Alger Sales Professionals.

Duties & Responsibilities:

The daily activities of the Sales & Shareholder Administrator with respect to the liaison function between Sales & Shareholder Administration and other service providers and the Funds will include:

Liaison between transfer agent and the Funds (and Offshore Funds) in all operational functions
Monitor as-of trade processing in the Funds including billing and collection of Funds losses incurred by Dealer trades
Ensure daily transfer agent processes are measured and contractual services fulfilled
Participate in ongoing meetings with transfer agent to recommend operational improvements and system enhancements
Prepare reports using the transfer agency report-writer for management and clients
Monitor sales charge waivers to ensure regulatory compliance
Administer the Excessive Trade Activity Reporting Policy pursuant to Rule 22c-2
Prepare billing checklists and ensure fee scheduled are properly implemented
Prepare shareholder reports and act as liaison between mail vendor and the Funds to ensure all regulatory shareholder mailings are completed in a timely and accurate fashion
Review receivable and communicate collection issues to superiors to ensure collection
The daily activities of the Sales & Shareholder Administrator with respect to support of the CRM system will include:

Creating and executing data batch jobs for the sales organization CRM application
Liaise with the sales force (both internal and external sales people) to answer and/or escalate CRM requests
Creating and scheduling reports for sales and executive management team
Processing DST Vision/Fan Mail requests
The daily activities of the Sales & Shareholder Administrator with respect to processing dealer commission payments will include:
Process, track and reconcile manual payments to brokers of mutual fund commissions and 12b-1 fees, and commissions/retrocession trail payments for the Offshore Funds
Work closely with transfer agent to coordinate payments made through them or via NSCC Commission Settlement versus payments made by us to ensure payments accuracy
Maintain accurate records of all manual payments and, for dealers that invoice, review the transfer agency records to validate the invoice amounts prior to making payment
Review newly executed dealer agreements to determine if manual processing is necessary or if standard transfer agency processing is allowed
Communicate regularly with dealer back offices to ensure timely payment of fees and handle any items requiring escalation by the transfer agent

Undergraduate Degree or an equivalent combination of training and experience
2 - 3 years business experience in financial services industry
Individual must have a good understanding of mutual fund operations and perform in workplace that relies strongly on teamwork

Excellent analytical, research and follow up skills
Must be able to work under tight deadlines with strict adherence to detail
The candidate must possess excellent communication skills and maintain the ability to work in a fast paced environment
Advanced Microsoft Excel and Access experience highly desirable
Ability to create and present analytical findings to management
Strong written and oral communication skills are essential
Project management and planning skills with strong ability to multi-task

Required Education

College Education

Required Experience


Experience with CRM systems, preferred

Job Time

Permanent Contract (Full Time)

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