Jon Snow's Long Awaited Meeting with Daenerys Game of Thrones

Jon Snow's Long-Awaited Meeting with Daenerys

no one ought to surely accuse sport of Thrones Season Seven of having a slow start, but despite the already very brisk tempo (a natural result of attrition it really is pared the cast down to the key gamers), it seems that things are about to get even extra extreme, as considered one of the most important meetings of the collection is about to take area. Promotional images for the approaching third episode of the season show Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth arriving by using boat on a new shore, which appears to be none apart from Dragonstone, the island that Daenerys is using as her base of operations in her push to benefit strength in Westeros.

Here are Jon and Davos arriving on the Dragonstone beach and standing in the throne room

Then there's Daenerys, presumably in front of the pair

Then there's Daenerys, presumably in front of the pair

The photographs prevent just short of showing us Jon and Danaerys assembly for the primary time (the pictures are angled almost intentionally to maintain the pair out of arm's attain, hinting at a probable faux-out), despite the fact that leaked set snap shots have already given us a great observe considered one of their conversations in the approaching season, that could properly take location in the subsequent episode. that is a assembly that the show has been constructing to for some timeā€”the combining of ice and fire that everything in sport of Thrones has revolved round from the start.

The simplest query is whether this initial meeting will cross nicely, or whether Jon and Daenerys will fail to spot eye-to-eye. those are two characters that, one might assume, may be pretty eager to shape a collectively beneficial alliance (in contrast to, say, Sansa Stark, who'll take a little more convincing). That said, things never cross easily in Westeros, and sooner or later we recognize that a huge northern war is going to function fireplace dropping rain from large flying dragons, so the simplest question is which facet Jon Snow is going to find himself on while things begin (actually) heating up.

it's tough to imagine Daenerys siccing her squaddies on Jon and Davos for the duration of the imminent episode, however the consequences of something happens with their assembly will likely unsettle the chances of the pair handling to recruit others to their cause. after all, if Westeros' records teaches us some thing, it's that each time one organization becomes too effective, everyone else within the vicinity could be brief to point their arrows at their growing rival.

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