Moms Messages: A Beautiful Collection of Messages You Can Send to Your Mom

"I love you, my mother, always and forever, and I hope you forgive me and accept my gift.

"Mother, the love of my heart, Happy Mother's Day, you are the source of my joy, and you are the reason for my happiness every day of my life."

"My love for you, my mother, is not measured by one day's gift, it's priceless. You are my gift from God, and my present today for you is my remembrance and confirmation of my love and appreciation to you, everlasting.

"I pray to you that God bless you with health and happiness, to bless us in your age and to see your face every day."

"Every one of us is able to choose one person in his life, either to reconcile or fail to choose him, but thank God, my mother, God is the one who chooses our mothers because no matter we try, we will not be able to choose someone like you, my love."

"My beloved mother, you are always the warm embrace, always cheering me to be the best, you are the strongest motivation for me to improve every day to reach the highest positions in my life. You are a sailboat, when I stumble, you walk me through the tribulations until I conquer all the obstacles, I love you, Mom "

"My beautiful mother, you are everything in my life, you are a timeless balm, the flower of the past, the present and the hope of the future, your love in my heart is unmatched with any love on the earth, it is heavenly. I pray that God does not separate us and always bring me and my brothers with you. "

"You are my queen. You are the one who gives me a meaning to my life, you give us all your time and effort, let me give you a gift that is the least given but is the most expensive we have, we wish you health and joy forever and always. " 

"My mother, I appreciate your efforts to satisfy me and to achieve all my dreams. You are always what I need to erase the misery I have. You are a peaceful world that I run away to when I face a bad day. You are the greatest woman I have ever seen. "

"Lord, bless the heart of our mothers"

"My mother, if I choose for you a speech, it must be the best speech,

And if I choose to give you flowers, it must be one of the finest trees,

And if I pray my Lord for you, it must be one of the most important wishes,

I promise you, my mother, to always take care of you in the best way "

"My happiness in four: my mother's smile and seeing her well and her proximity to me and her satisfaction with me,

My dear mother, I want you to know that I am proud to be your kid. "

"O who have taken my respect before my love,

O who owned my obedience before the monarchy,

O whom I has owned her eye and heart and I have her whole life,

I give you - my mother - a gift I am ashamed of being small, and a word of love. God bless you. "

"I do not want anything from the world today, I feel like I have taken my share of joy when I saw your joy on Mother's Day gift, and I love you my mother and my love for you is my medicine of all things."

"Mom, for the unique fragrance you five us, and the best women and mother you are, we wish you longevity and health and livelihood. "

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