Only Allah Knows: Inspirational Story About Judging People

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Abu- Bakr lives with his wife and kids in a block on the 2nd floor, he was friendly and love to make friends with his neighbors, but there was always one of his neighbors who don't really care for Abu- Bakr's kindness or sweetness in dealing with him.

Abu- Bakr supposed that maybe he's not used to such way of good treatment,

So Abu- Bakr was always saying to him: "Asslamu Alykom Wa Rahmat Allah w Brakatoh."

But he never replies, he only was waving to him when he passes by,

However, when the winter came, the snow started to block the doors and cover the cars during night so Abu- Bakr had to clear the snow away from the building gate as he was the first one get out of the department because his job was far away from where he lives and had to wake up early before all his neighbors in the building,

One day Abu- Bakr got sick and couldn't wake up early and so when he woke up, he asked his wife where their kids are, and she said at school, he was amazed because he thought that they will be late because the snow, as usual, will be blocking the gate and no one but him can wipe it away, but he was glad though that the kids didn't have to skip school,

He had to stay at home for a couple of days till he gets better and every day his kids find the snow swept away before they go to school, and on the last free day for Abu- Bakr before he gets back to work, he woke up and found his kids waking him to clear the snow in front of the gate, he wondered why the snow was still there, however he swept it and his kids went to school.

And in the next morning Abu- Bakr went to work and got back home and he found out that his unfriendly neighbor passed away, so he went to his funeral and met there his adult son who is married, and Abu- Bakr was surprised that when he introduced himself to his son, his son told him:"Oh, thank Allah, I've been looking for you, so you are the man that he wrote about in his will, he mentioned to me 5 different families to take care of, I knew them all, but only you that I haven’t known before his death…"

Abu- Bakr was in surprise, and asked the man's son:" what did he mention about me?!"

He said: "he talked about a gate that's locked every morning in winter with snow and he was wiping it out when you were sick for your kids, and he promised himself to do it even if you're ok, but sadly he was gone before proving that."

Abu- Bakr didn't reply and was in shock from how he judged on the man in the wrong way.

Next day, he found the son came with a snow machine that clears the snow away and cleared it in front of every block in the street, Abu- Bakr rushed to catch him to thank him, but he didn't reply, so Abu- Bakr shouted it again to him, so the son turned to him and smiled and asked him to forgive him if he didn't hear him before as he's having trouble in his ear so he can't hear voices well just like his father,

And that was another shock for Abu- Bakr that he finally figured out why the unfriendly man didn't respond his greeting and found out that all his knowledge and judgment about that man was wrong, and only Allah know what issues could everyone have in his life.

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