Happy new year with Orrec

Happy new year for all our friends. We wish you all happiness in the new year and may all your wishes be granted. A new layout from Orrec with easier usage and lots of new services, which we wish to fulfill all our users needs.

  • - The new layout granted easier accessibility for articles and updated shorter links for magazine articles
  • - Easier and more functional article writer with lots of customization.
  • - A totally new chat portal for all chat fans.
  • - Valuable library with lots of books for free for all our users.
  • - Jobs portal where you can offer jobs for anywhere in the world and you can also ask for jobs and update your personal resume to get better attention from employers.
  • - The market where you can put anything for sale and browse items for sale from other users.
  • - Orrec magazine is now just a part of the new website not the whole entity like it used to be.
  • - The rewards center is a new tool for financial compensation of all our active writers for their efforts. You can share your articles with us and we will grant you a percentage of revenue for each article you write.

This was just a glimpse of the new Orrec strategy in the new year and we will always get back to you with updates. Happy new year to all of you.