Positive Thinking: Why Are Some People Obsessed With Being Positive?

If someone is given the opportunity to experience a great joy or grief, there is a chance to go first. It's good to feel comfortable. While it is bad to feel bad.

As such, it can be said that it is easy to know why someone wants to feel comfortable all the time. The experience of life in this way will have a positive impact on their well-being and will allow them to spread "positive feelings" wherever they go.

One forecast

Life can be seen as so short that you do not feel sad and sad, and this does not bring any benefit. In addition, they may say that if they allow themselves to be consumed negatively, they will end up with more experiments.

Then one will be aware of the Law of Attraction and will not want to send anything bad to the universe. There will be a lot of books here to support what they believe.


However, although one may prefer to be satisfied with what they see as an alternative, this does not mean that one will always be able to experience life this way. What they may find is that there are times when it is difficult for them to feel positive feelings.

During these moments of their lives, they can be as if they were in the middle of the ocean, trying to keep their head above the water. The difference is that they will not try to keep their heads above the water. They will try to keep their head above negative emotions.

In terms of I do not know

When this happens, it may seem as if they are suffering from negative feelings for no apparent reason. Then there will be other times when they are aware of how low they feel.

For example, a loved one may have passed, and this may be the time when they feel death. However, they may do their best to make sure that their negative feelings do not weigh them for a long time.


They can believe that this person does not want them to be sad now because they are gone, although this is another reason for doing what they can do to be positive. Then there will be things going on externally and internally that affect her emotional state.

What they may do, to make it easier for them, is to break their ties with anyone negative. Any negative information may be something else trying to stay optimistic.

One great struggle

It will not be surprising if they often end up feeling very coveted and burned from time to time, because of the amount of effort they are making to try to stay positive. There may be moments when they can not do it anymore and end up feeling resentful of negative emotions.

This does not mean they will try another approach, although they may return to their feet and get rid of the dust. However, it is likely to end up again in a short time.

What is going on?

One way to look at this is to say that there are moments in their lives when they fall off a positive horse, so to speak, and need to come back again. It will be the key for them not to hang on to their negative feelings and re-connect with their positive feelings as soon as possible.

Another way to look at all this is to say that it is a way of the universe that is not built on fixed foundations. This is the level of duplication after all, which is why it is not possible to remove one side of the emotional spectrum.

Power of contrast

Not only that, by having the ability to experience 'negative' feelings that one can appreciate feeling 'positive' feelings. If they are stuck in an endless state of positive, it will not have the same effect on them - they will surely feel bored and numb.

Therefore, the ability to experience both sides of the emotional spectrum gives meaning to life and depth. The big question is: Why do you need to feel comfortable all the time?


What this can show is that the reason why one needs to be positive all the time is due to the fact that he can not deal with his negative feelings. What this means, then, is to be positive is a defense used by the mind to avoid pain in their bodies.

The reason they carry a lot of emotional pain can be because they carry shock. No matter how many thoughts or positive feelings he or she has, or how positive they are, these pains are unlikely to disappear simply.

Diving in

Work must be done through the pain within their bodies, and this may happen because they may not have the same need to be positive. The reason for this is that they will become more balanced at home, allowing them to be with their feeling.

Then one will see that they are more than their positive and negative feelings. They will start to find their position, and no longer throw them like a small boat on the ocean.


If we take this into account, if one wants to act as a full human being and no longer wants to separate from their bodies, it will be necessary for them to heal their pain. This can happen with the help of a processor or processor.

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