Prince William and Other Royals and Their Non existent Wedding Rings

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The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is a name almost all of us are familiar with. Credited as the Fashionista she flaunts one of the most iconic rings of the world but have you ever paid attention to her dear hubby Duke of Cambridge Prince William’s ring? Well the prince doesn’t wear a wedding ring. Yes! That’s right if you go through the prince’s many thousands of pictures online you will notice that there isn’t a single picture where he is wearing a ring on his hand. Neither is he a fan of any kind of jewelry. With the absence of the wedding ring on prince’s hand don’t get your mind to thinking that their marriage is in trouble. The royal couple is very much in love and has been enjoying the matrimonial bliss for five years now. But then what is it that made the prince not wear a ring despite being happily married to the love of his life and mother of his kids? The reason is pretty simple – personal preference. Before the couple’s wedding in 2011 a report in Time stated that the prince will not wear a ring because of “personal preference.”

It was something the couple discussed but Prince William isn't one for jewelry a Palace aide said

You will be amazed to know that he is not the only male royal without a wedding band. Other than him his grandfather Prince Philip who has been married to the queen for 69 years also doesn’t wear a ring and if you see photo timeline of their marriage you will notice that he hasn’t for many years. Surprised? Well don’t be because men did not wear rings earlier it was only during World War II that they started wearing rings as a reminder of their family back at home while they were away fighting for their respective countries. It’s the women who have been wearing rings since the Egyptian times.

And not all male royals are seen without a ring on their fingers. According to a report by the BBC Prince William’s father Prince Charles wears a wedding ring as a mark of his second marriage to the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla. Prince Andrew Duke of York also wore one before his divorce and Prince Edward Earl of Wessex still has one on his finger.

So next time don’t judge the marital status of a male by the absence of ring on his finger and always remember that wearing one or not wearing one can be a personal choice unaffected by the societal norms.

By now you know who in the royal family wears a ring and who doesn’t but do you also know about the fact that there’s a tradition according to which the young boys belonging to the upper class aristocracy and royals are supposed to wear shorts and not doing so is considered “suburban”. And if you have guessed that this is why Prince George is always seen in shorts give yourself a pat on the back because you are absolutely right. So in this case it is not his choice but the tradition.

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