Rabbits and how they breed

Supposedly rabbits just breed and breed and breed producing huge numbers of offspring Physically they can but it doesn 39 t happen

Rabbits and how they breed
There is a common reputation about rabbits that they breed insanely with giving birth to tons of new rabbits, even in the public mind they say: breed like rabbits. This reputation could be untrue because rabbits don't always breed like rabbits!.
In the wild, rabbits don't really breed like they do in the farm, even some species of wild rabbits are liable to extinction like what would happen to European rabbits that are threatened with extinctionWhen it comes to reproduction rabbits have something of a reputation Is it fair Well yes and no, Female rabbits can get pregnant again as soon as they've given birth, they get pregnant quickly with no lag period like humans for example as our women can get some state of immunity against pregnancy due to lactation process and Prolactin hormone. Rabbit don't do that, they just get pregnant immediately, it is true that rabbits have a suite of nifty adaptations that allow for prolific reproduction to cope with environmental dangers that threaten them all the time.
The European rabbit becomes sexually active at just three or four months, old Females ovulate in response to copulation so the time of the month is moot Gestation lasts less than a month and litter size is typically around five inches. Even more impressively female rabbits can get pregnant again as soon as they've given birth effectively nurturing two litters simultaneously one in the nest and one in the womb.
The fact is wild rabbits don't produce numerous numbers of infant rabbits, about 2-3 rabbits per birth unlike farm rabbits that would produce 7-10 rabbits typically.
Uncontrolled hunting of wild rabbits for pleasure by humans or even by their natural predators like wolves and foxes make them on the edge of extinction and we should be aware of that situation not to miss them really soon.

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