Ridiculously expensive things you cannot afford

even for the rich still too damn expensive

you think life is expensive? think again. well these items are so expensive even for the rich people and even if you have that money it is hard to find the reason to spend such amount of money on these things.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 super Motorcycle (700 000 USD)

this one with four wheels could reach 0 to 100 km/hr in 2.5 seconds with a top speed above 500 km/hr

Haute Joailleriewatch by Chopard (25 million USD)

this beautiful piece of jewelry would do anything better than telling time however still too expensive.

Heidsieck Monopole 1907 champagne (25000 USD)

These bottles were discovered In the late 90′s during an underwater search campaign where they came across a century old shipwreck containing 2 000 bottles of theses French champagne bottles

Transmission Audio Ultimate home theater sound System (2 million USD)

thinking of buying a new home theater sound system and you think it is expensive? well hmm i dunno how to say it but think again !!

Number 5 painting 1948 (140 million usd)

yes exactly indeed this painting by Jackson Pollock which you might miss with some colorful mess made by some baby playing with crayons sold in an auction for 140 million
USD which might make you reconsider the definition of art. well personally i like it after all.

Antillia Mumbai s building (2billion USD)

do you think real estates has gone insane?. this house lying in downtown Mumbai India has over 600 working full time staff and values 2 billion USD.

Huia Bird feather (10000 USD)

This feather of the Huia Bird sold in an auction for 10 000 USD. May be the only reasonable reason is that this bird is EXTINCT long time ago.

Levi s Spin Jeans by Damien Hirst (25000 USD)

Only 8 peaces were made of this colorful mess and if you are not a fanatic crazy hipster maybe you would buy a nice car with that amount of money instead.

Supreme Rose iPhone 3GS by Stuart Hughes (2.97 million USD)

well it is not even iphone 7 plus still that old piece of gadget costs way more a nice mansion and a yacht.

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