Secrets Airlines Are Hiding From All Of Us!

And Yes, Some Are Terrifying!!

 Secrets Airlines Are Hiding From All Of Us!

It's much easier to travel the world now that flying has become part of our lives. Every time you board a plane, you follow the same rules and you do pretty much the same things, but have you ever wondered if behind those neatly-pressed outfits, the crew is keeping something from you? We have!

Your Aircraft Carries Less Fuel Than Is Safe

Airplanes often take off with far less fuel than they can actually carry. In fact, many pilots claim that they reached their destinations with just the right amount of fuel for a safe landing! Cutting a bit too close to the edge

Flight Timings Are Made-Up!

Airlines adjust their plane timings so that they can improve and increase their travel-time record.

You Might Not Fly On The Flight You Paid For

While flying on domestic flights, there is a high chance that you are not going to be flying on the flight you paid for. Larger airlines often put you on a smaller, regional airline that may not necessarily have the same safety standards and the pilots don't have nearly as much experience or training.

Planes Do Get Struck By Lightning

Airplanes are built to handle it. The average commercial plane gets hit by lightning a little more than once a year. Lightning normally hits the nose of the plane or tip of the wing. I wouldn't worry too much about it as planes are carefully designed to withstand some amount of bad weather.

Your Pilots May Not Be Awake For The Entire Duration Of The Flight

You can't expect the cabin crew and the pilots to be up for the entire duration of the flight, they're probably exhausted too. You obviously won't catch them dozing off in economy class, but that doesn't mean that they don't have private, secret hidden quarters where the crew rest. Thank god for autopilot!

Your Cell Phone Will Not Bring The Plane Down...So Far

It's standard procedure to turn your cell phone off or put it into airplane mode. However, the FAA established this rule before realizing that phones really did not affect the plane. The only disturbance is the interference of networks and the fact that it may cause static during communications.

So, You Do Know That They Don't Give You New Headphones, Right?!

Most of the in-flight headphones that you are given aren't new. In fact, even the ones you pay for aren't new. They simply clean and re-package old headphones as new. You'll think twice before you forget your headphones next time!

All Planes Are Actually Pretty Old Even If They Look New

The fuselage of a Boeing 737 blew a hole during the flight. The plane managed to land safely, but an inspection revealed that the plane had taken over 40,000 flights in 15 years. Most planes are pretty old, but are done up well.

Your Lifejacket Might Actually Not Be There

Many airlines face the problem of people stealing life jackets as souvenirs and obviously don't realize that they aren't there. In fact, airline experts advise all fliers to do a quick check as they board the aircraft. Don't worry, even if it's not there it can be replaced.

The Overhead Mask Is Only Good For 15 Minutes

Cabin crew often sell the overhead oxygen masks as the most important feature of the plane. However, oxygen masks only supply 15 minutes of oxygen from the moment they are released. This buffer time is for the pilot to lower the aircraft to an altitude where you can breathe normally.

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