Should I marry him/her?How to know that you are with the person you should marry?

Check this out and count your score!

Marriage is one of the biggest desicions of our lives so how we know that we have found the right one.
Every point means 1 mark plus,check this out and count your score.
This will help you to be on the right track.

1-You feel at home with him/her

Feeling comfort with this person you can talk about any thing and every thing.

2-He/She wants the same things in life

You two are on the same page.
Your long term goals goes parallel to each other ex.where to live,number of kids,etc.

3-You get along with each other's family

Marriage is not just a relation between both of you but between the two families too.
This will strengthen your relationship and make it happy and easier.

4-You enjoy each other's company

You miss them when they are not around.You crave for their presence it makes you happy.
Their presence just makes everything better.

5- You can make big desicions with him/her

You discuss things, explore all options, consider each other's feelings Instead of being selfish and doing things your way and enforcing your choices.

6-you both managed to pass serious fights

If you have managed to go through these tough times and came out stronger
There is no way you have a healthy relationship without recalling a few 'serious' fights. Life is not all about rainbows and butterflies.

7-You are best friends too

You are not just lovers, but best friends there is loyalty and trust between you two.He/she is the first person who come in your mind when you want to share something big.

8-You have imagined a future with them

You have married them few times in your head as you can see the future with him/her.

9-They are your support system

In hard life times you need your partner who gives you support and strength to fight your fears and move on.

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