Side Effects of Drugs and Why Should We Consider Natural Recipes?

At the first moment, you'll think of the side effects for a specific medicine that we are talking about, but actually, we are here to talk about the side effects of all medicines and drugs genuinely. they became too much and turned out to be a big problem, once it pops up, it can't be stopped.

Experiencing having different medicines and drugs in a short time is a very cruel experience. trying to solve one problem in your body, and ending up with another.

Whether it's a bad conscious of those who invent drugs or the doctors who recommend it, or even who take it as a fast way to shut the pain, it still needs a solution that make people more aware of how they can put themselves in a closed circle with no knowledge of what they had got themselves in.

So, we need to get back to the old natural ways of preventing ourselves from getting sick and also treating sickness with natural ingredients around us.

For instance; when you have a cold or flu, you rush to the pharmacy and buy an analgesic or sore throat, while we can go home and drink a hot mint drink or a guava hot drink, or mix honey and lemon and eat it.

Also, Ginger and Garlic are very known for extreme solution for cold and flu.

So we can figure too many various ways of healing, but we choose the one that drains our time, money, health, just because we forgot how we used to live before medicines.

Medicines are made for special cases whose bodies don't interact easily and fast with natural sources, so before pretending to be a doctor and rush up and take medicines for any ache, try to enlighten yourself more and learn about the god's gifts around us to survive.

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