Social networks that are better than facebook

Maybe you should think again about how to spend time on the internet

Facebook users has reached a gigantic number of 2 billion users according to facebook's last statement. by acquiring both whatsapp and instagram platforms, facebook has become far away from it's nearest competitors like twitter. Most of internet users in these days own at least one account on facebook and they spend lots of time on regular bases reading posts and watching funny videos or even sharing their moments with their pals. However, is it really a good time you spend on facebook? I mean did your life change to the best or did you acquire any new knowledge by using your facebook account today?. Well, we can imagine that you are not always willing to spend some serious time on the internet and the majority of internet users are using it for entertainment but why even have bad entertainment when you can have good one!, in this article we give you some social networks that will fit your needs of acquiring good entertainment and new knowledge other than facebook.

1- Quora

Social networks that are better than facebook

Quora is a social network founded in 2009 for the purpose of answering and getting answers to questions in your mind. Even if you don't have a serious question there will be someone to answer your silly question. You can go for Quora to find questions and answers to other questions someone has asked. If you have a question about anything like science, life, philosophy or anything else you will find many users who are willing to help you and they will try to answer your questions.

The best thing about Quora is the high professionalism of its users and as we said, they are always welling to help you out.

visit Quora at this link

2- Tumblr

Social networks that are better than facebook

Founded in 2007, tumblr is a social network for posting short posts and funny photos and also serious links and articles. If you are using facebook for the same purpose, tumblr will be definitely a lot of fun for you and you can also search for posts and photos that meet your interests.Best thing about tumblr is getting rid of annoying repeated posts on facebook and also getting rid of persistent ad campaigns about things you don't really like.

Visit tumblr at this link

3- Flickr

Social networks that are better than facebook

Founded in 2004 and later on acquired by yahoo and pronounced like flicker. flickr is a global network for sharing photos and if you are a fan of photos or a professional photographer, this is the place for you to be.

What makes flickr really special for web developers or journalists is that you can search for photos without copyrights and open source visual content. You can use flickr to get free photos for your blog or your magazine edited in any size you want.

Flick has a great search engine as well which will allow you to search for photos with specific or dominent colors and also photos with special content (i.e photos with crowd or photos with high content of yellow), you can also edit your own photos with many features and tools for free. Enjoy the journey among billions of photos from around the world. visit flickr here


Social networks that are better than facebook

Reddit is an american social network founded in 2005 for the purpose of pushing web content and categorizing it. They call themselves (the front page of web) and they are right. Reddit users (the redditors) are people with high devotion to their lovely website and who will stay nights and days moderating their own subreddits to get you the best of the web.

You can use reddit for surfing over the good web content posted and rated by other users and you can choose your best content to visit according to ratings received by other users.

You can also use reddit for promoting your own blog/website but toy have to be careful as reddit moderators will be always suspicious and they will check your previous activities to make sure you are not promoting specific content. I stopped using it for promoting my website long time ago but I ctill use it for browsing good web content. visit reddit here

5- Stumbleupon

Social networks that are better than facebook

Founded in 2001 and stopped at 2018, stumbleupon was still kick ass though when it got suspended by its moderators. Stumbleupon was a social network for posting web content and websites designed especially for lazy users who want to enjoy a great experience where all you need to do is sign in, specify your interests then stumble. Stumbleupon used to get you stumbled websites inside their own page where you can enjoy it and when you feel done you click stumble again and again to bring new content. Stumbleupon was suspended due to many issues with website owners as they didn't want their content to be shown on stumble when posted by other users and that would make the visitor see content without really visiting the website. This previous issue has raised bounce rates on submitted websites and it greatly affected their traffic gains and organic search credibility. However, stumbleupon was replaced by the new comer (mix) which we consider the righteous heir to stumbleupon.

6- Mix

Social networks that are better than facebook

The new social network and the young successor of stumbleupon has gained great interests in the few months it was on. Mix uses the same technique for submitting articles and other links to the network but it will open links in new windows rather than opening them in their own browser. Mix is fun but not as fun as stumbleupon used to be due to losing the stumble button which was a great advantage of stumbleupon and allowed (lazy browsing) if we may call it. Now you will have to search your own links and get preferences according to your preferred keywords. visit mix here

7- Linkedin

Social networks that are better than facebook

No need to mention how great it is to have such specialized network for business and business owners and also employees. Linkedin helps you to promote your own career through connecting you with business partners and other people who work in the same field as you. You will gain new business relationships, you will find great opportunities, and you will gain new experiences through expanding your business connections. visit linkedin here

8- Orrec

Social networks that are better than facebook

We are proud to introduce you to our social network designed for writers and content publishers. You can create an account on Orrec easily and you will get a personal profile and access to our online writer. Submit your articles and we will agree on publishing it in short time. The most amazing thing about Orrec is that we will reward you upon each article you publish according to article quality and uniqueness. Create an account on Orrec in this link

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