Some of the Most Amazing 3D Body Painting You will Ever See..

A painting has its own way of telling a story and sometimes, they just leave you in shock because they are simply too good to be true.

This is the best thing about paintings, they have the power to trick your mind into questioning anything and everything that you see.

Here are some of the coolest 3D body painting that will blow your mind.

When even a banana peel can be turned into a piece of art

When the stork comes bearing a gift

The stillness is chilling

When you are not scared of anything

Want an extra pocket to keep things? It is quite easy to get one

What kind of animal is this?

Battery low

This Scorpio doesn't bite. Trust us.

Would you invest in something like this?

After a busy day we all need to charge ourselves

We wonder who this amazing sculptor is

When your eyes can literally speak

Most priced possession

After a heavy meal your stomach needs space to breathe

When you don't know what's real anymore

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