Sonnet 34 by Edmund Spenser

Edmund Spenser;

     He is one of the most famous poets in the 16th century. Spenser used a distinctive form in his poetry, called "the Spenserian Stanza". He became one of the most important poets of his time and a Poet Laureate. He is best known for his epic poem"The Faerie Queen" 1590 celebrating Queen Elizabeth the 1st. He received a pension of 100 pounds for this poem.

Some of his other works are; The Shepheardes Calender, Complaints, Dapjnaida, Astrophe, Amoretti(1595), Four Hymns and dialogue on the state of Ireland.

Amoretti (1595)

     Edmund Spenser's Amoretti chronicles his courtship with his wife Elizabeth Boyle. It was originally published in (1595) and follows the Petrarchan sonnet model. Petrarch wrote his sonnets about women that he would never be able to obtain, while Spenser wrote about a single woman whom he did marry.

     Amoretti is a collection of poems, it includes a big number of sonnets, some expresses feelings of depression and anguish because of the loss of his beloved and others describing her beauty and his endless love between them. Those that he is talking about sad feelings in them, one of them is(sonnet 34)"lyke as a ship".

Like as a ship...

     Sonnet 34 appears to describe a break in Spenser's relationship with Elizabeth; it seems like they had a fight and Spenser is biding his time until she forgives him. Spenser uses the analogy of a ship losing its way during a storm to convey the separation between him and Elizabeth. It's also an adaptation of Petrarch's "Rima 189".

     This poem is a Spenserian sonnet which is composed of three quatrains and a final couplet. The rhyme pattern is abab bcbc cdcd ee written in iambic pentameter.

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