Stupid but funny inventions that will make you laugh

People never stop thinking about new ideas that make our life easier. Some already have made it and gained a lot of profit from simple ideas, some others didn't achieve much success but gave us a wide smile instead. In this article we give you some inventions and ideas that are useless and funny.

1- The flask tie:

If you have a drinking problem and a horrible boss, you should buy this. The flask tie allows you to fill a container that's hidden inside your tie with any drink you want and then you can drink and work without being noticed.

2- The skate stroller:

Why would you push your baby stroller while you can skate alongside with your baby. This one is suitable for moms in rush or for just doing some sport while having a baby. I think kids will like it too.

3- The dog umbrella:

Some dog fan and animal supporters invented this dog umbrella considering the responsibility we have towards our dogs, dogs should have their own umbrellas too!. Lucky dogs.

4- The ostrich pillow:

This one is suitable for sleeping at any place with a desk. Supposing that libraries and classes allow students to sleep in, this one would be of great help.

5- The pizza scissors:

I spent some time thinking about the idea behind this tool but really can't get it so far. Is it slicing equal parts of pizza or carrying pizza slices after you slice it with the same tool?. I hope someone tells us what this thing is meant to do.