The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Chapter 1:

Huck although poor, uneducated, and uncivilized, he is thoughtful. He smartly questions everything and likens different actions together. He does not take anything for granted unless someone convinces him logically.

Chapter 2:

Adaptation is hard for Huck. In this chapter, a sip of dark humor is poured to readers. A group of imaginative lads, led by Tom, gathered to construct a team.

Chapter 3:

Huck’s logic, again, prevents him from believing in prayers. Don Quixote would be the title of this chapter because of the fantasy team. False news came about Huck’s father’s death.

Chapter 4:

Huck finally adapts and likes school. Yet, myths, illusions, and superstitions pop out, where Huck goes to Jim to know about Pap, who, at night, shows up in Huck’s room.

Chapter 5:

Unlike all fathers, Pap hates that his son becomes clean, educated, and civilized because he thinks Huck wants to challenge him. Pap wants money and to uncivilize his son again.

Chapter 6:

In this chapter, Pap, who always drinks, kidnaps his son and jails him in a small cabin, and he gets out daily. Huck finds a way out but needs time.

Chapter 7:

 Wanting freedom, Huck accomplishes the way out with a smart, well- thought plan. He runs, leaving a fabricated crime behind as if being killed, so no one will ever find him.

Chapter 8:

The obvious murder of Huck spurs everybody to search for his corpse. On the contrary, Huck lives three lonely yet great days on the island; the fourth, he finds Jim.

Chapter 9:

Friendship and superstitions. Huck and Jim go to a safer place. Predicting a storm, Jim appears with the good heart by preventing Huck to look at the corpse they see.

Chapter 10:

Adventurous friendships continue. Huck goes to the city in disguise as a girl to elicit news. Luckily, he is received by a woman in the forties, a newcomer to the town.

Chapter 11:

Not remembering his girly fake name, the woman finds out that Huck is a boy. She helps Huck by telling him the news that men will go find Jim tonight.

Chapter 12:

Jim and Huck steal things to survive, and they feel remorseful, so they let go of some stuff. Huck finds the steamboat and the robbers. Their raft breaks and floats away.

Chapter 13:

They take the robbers’ boat, and then they ask for the help of the watchman by a fake story. Then, Jim and Huck hid the boat and go to sleep.

Chapter 14:

They take stuff they found in the boat, one of which is books. Reading, ironically, could be the title of this chapter. They do not only read but also debate.

Chapter 15:

Friendship gets stronger among Jim and Huck. Funny Huck tricks Jim about their separation, but Jim is smart enough to rebut it. Huck apologizes to Jim, which strengthens the companionship.

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