The Benefits of Water and How It Plays an Important Role in Our Life

Water carries the chemical formula H2O, it consists of two atoms of
hydrogen, one atom of oxygen, bound together with a covalent bond. Water is characterized by its transparent color and no odor. Water exists in all different regions of the world in variant amounts from oceans, rivers
and lakes and also the rain. It can also exist in the all three different forms of matter at the same place such as solid state ice in the polar regions of the Earth with liquid water underneath and water vapor above in the sky.

 The Benefits of Water and How It Plays an Important Role in Our Life

importance of water for Purity and cleanliness:

is not limited to the needs of our bodies only; it is a mean of purity and
cleanliness because of the physical and chemical properties, which is
characterized as a neutral liquid, not acidic nor basal, which allows the use
without harming the body as an excellent solvent with high solubility properties,
It has a standard boiling temperature of no more than 100 ° C, and it is easy
to switch from one physical state to another. 
is easy to use in a gaseous, solid and liquid states. It has an abnormality
characteristic that differs it from of other liquids (water anomaly) which means that water under freezing would expand rather than shrinking like other liquids!. We can afford water in all of three states at almost very low or no cost at all due to its availability
and accessibility and easiness to handle.

The Benefits of Water and How It Plays an Important Role in Our Life

The importance of water for Industry

physical and chemical properties of water make it a fundamental pillar in
industrial applications and daily needs in a specialized technical manner.
Several power plants operate on the water flow energy used to reverse magnetic
polarity and intersect their field lines for energy production as well as their
cooling properties A substance for the discharge of heat and cooling of nuclear
reactors and absorption of what is out; where water was the ideal choice for
cooling of nuclear accelerators and reactors; due to the flow and flow over the
heat of the absorption characteristic that characterizes, and You have the
ability to switch from one shape to another, and the field is very wide in the
uses of water for cooling; internal combustion engines in all their forms do
not dispense with the characteristics of water in the cooling.

The importance of water for Agriculture

agricultural sector relies on water for the basic production of its main lines.
Without water, the production wheel cannot move, as do the food industries,
which rely mainly on certain concentrations mixed with water, as well as
architecture and construction. Its strength and its interaction to be a force
in the tensile and flesh of the building.

For the Earth Water means life:

And the earth is the planet of life on our knowledge; because of the existence of
water, the Almighty said in the Qur'an (and made us of water all living things do not
believe) [Prophets: 30], it teaches that water is essential for existence of any form of life which is truly a miracle since all modern research for extra-terrestrial life demands the existence of water in a soluble state.


of water on the human body:

is a mediator of all major vital events in the body, c
ontributes to all major functions in the body such as blood circulation, excretion,
absorption, nervous conduction, and breathing. Helps to form blood, lymphatic
fluid, and Cerebro-Spinal fluid in the brain/spinal-cord along with other substances.
facilitates absorption of food from the intestines. It facilitates the
collection of food residues from all cells and tissues and sends them to the
kidneys, skin and lungs to

The Benefits of Water and How It Plays an Important Role in Our Life

helps in the loss of excess temperature in the body, through the process of
sweating and evaporation through the skin and breathing.

It play
an important role in moisturizing the eyes and mouth to
perform their duties properly, since it is not possible to see clearly in case
of dry eyes, and also helps to soften the movement of the mouth to
facilitate the process of chewing food and 


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