The Biggest War In History: 8 Strange Facts About World War II

World War II was the most devastating conflict war in the history, with
many funds spent, enormous damage to property, and a large number of deaths, and also
far-reaching changes than any other war in history.

The Second World War, which began in 1939 and ended in 1945, is one of
the most well documented wars of history, with all of its great events and all its minute

The Biggest War In History: 8 Strange Facts About World War II

And here are eight interesting facts that were made during World War II:

1.    1- Queen Elizabeth II served
militarily in the war:

Elizabeth II, the Queen of Britain at the moment, joined the ranks of
the warriors, although her father, King George IV, tried to dissuade her from
doing so. Elizabeth, who was 18 at the time, ignored her father's will and
joined the ranks of female fighters. She also received training as a mechanic
and truck driver and served on the streets of London. Surprisingly, she is the
only person who participated in the Second World War of the British royal
family, and the only living head of state who witnessed the conflict.

The Biggest War In History: 8 Strange Facts About World War II

2- George Bush Sr. almost became
a meat meal:

George Bush, later president of the United States, survived a demonic
fate. The Allied forces rescued him after his plane crashed during an air
strike in Japan, but all the men with him were captured by Japanese officers
and brutally tortured. Slaughtered and cooked for the Japanese in one of the
most serious war crimes in history.

3- The Americans replaced the
name "Hamburger" with the "Freedom Sandwich":

American restaurants in World War II deliberately changed the name of
the famous Hamburger sandwich, named after Hamburg, the second largest city in
Germany, to the Freedom Sandwich, more than once in American history. It was
renamed the sauerkraut The German word for "World War I" was called
"pickle of freedom". French fries were also called "free
potatoes" in congressional cafes for a short time, when France opposed the
invasion of Iraq.

4-  The first victim of World War
II was a 

The first bomb dropped by the Nazis in Britain during the Second World
War did not cause any casualties, and only led to the death of a poor rabbit
whose image was taken by the British media in October 1939. It is said that he
wrote the song "Run, Rabbit, Run, "which later became famous.

5- The Grand Mosque in Paris
helped the Jews to protect themselves from the Nazis' standards:

There were subterranean tunnels in the mosque where the resistors were
sheltering, and they were helping the French Jews to take shelter in it. The
story was told in the French film "Free men."

6- Hitler's nephew was born in
Liverpool and fought in the Allies

 Willy Hitler was Hitler's half-brother, Alois, and his mother was an
Irishman named Bridget Dowling. He once wrote an article in London's Look
magazine entitled Why I Hate My Blindness, and then moved to the United States
where he joined the Navy in In 1944, after being injured in the work, he was
dismissed in 1947 and received the purple heart medal.

The Biggest War In History: 8 Strange Facts About World War II

7- German submarines were the
strongest in the world:

Submarine technology was first used during the Second World War. German
submarines were the most powerful in the world. They were able to sink about 3
thousand ships using torpedoes during the war.

8- Tattooing helped to identify
people in World War II:

World War II is the beginning of the spread of tattoos, where it was
used to identify the detainees and prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps.
The Russian prisoners were stamped in the upper part of the right chest while
the Jews sealed their sleeves.

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