The Emergence of Satellites: Uses and Its Importance

Satellites are considered one of the most important technological revolutions in the world, and it has great benefit in the world, satellites were like an old fantasy, the satellite vehicle swimming in space to perform certain tasks.

A satellite is a man- made device orbiting the earth: Communication, examination, detection, the first Sputnik 1 satellite sent by the Soviet Union in 1957. 

Satellites are a set of space borne devices that orbit Earth, take pictures of the planet and other planets, helping experts in geological studies and space science, and help weather experts predict weather and motion Storms and hurricanes. 

The Emergence of Satellites: Uses and Its Importance

The importance of satellite:

 The satellite gives clear images of large areas of the earth's surface, because it shines over the clouds and particles in the atmosphere's layers that may affect the visibility of telescopes on the Earth's surface.

The satellite has contributed to the spread of television signals around the world and is no longer limited to certain areas as in the past, in addition to the phone calls that people can now do easily by satellite.

The forms and sizes of satellites vary, but most have two main parts: the power source and the antenna. The antenna receives and resets information from and to Earth. The energy source is usually either giant batteries or solar cells that convert sunlight into Electricity.

The Emergence of Satellites: Uses and Its Importance

 How to launch a satellite:

The first satellite was created in 1957, the Russian satellite Sputnik, which opened the era of satellite communications to the Earth , a year later the emergence of the satellite, "American Score" and then the emergence of many satellites 

Most satellites are fired by rockets, and the satellite must orbit the Earth at a certain speed proportional to the speed of the Earth, so as not to walk in a straight line in space or fall to Earth if it enters its field of attractiveness. 

 Satellite uses:

There are several types of satellites, some of which provide researchers with information necessary for their studies, providing information on gases in the atmosphere, the amount of energy emitted by the Earth compared to the amount of energy absorbed, as well as monitoring volcanoes and fires.

The satellites also provide meteorologists with information on wind, clouds, hurricanes and rainfall, which helps to predict the weather accurately, and of which is of great importance in the areas of cellular communications and broadcasting.

Basic use of satellites

- Telecommunications

- Photographer

- Photography

- scientific survey

- And navigation

The Emergence of Satellites: Uses and Its Importance

What's inside the satellites?

Satellite is a complex and very expensive machines with tons of important parts and electronic parts inside. 

- A strong metal body that collects all parts of the satellite

- Lower solar energy battery consisting of four solar panels

- An overhead solar battery consisting of four additional solar panels

- A computer equipped to monitor and control various systems and devices

- Wireless communication system

- Small control engines keep the satellite in its position, and accurately orbit

Types of satellites: 

- Astronomical Satellites:

Which monitors the movements of planets, galaxies and space objects. 

- Communications satellites:

 They are permanently in space for communication purposes.

- Biological satellites:

 They are for the purpose of experiments on living organisms.

- Earth observation satellites:

 It monitors the environment and climate of the Earth. 

- Navigation satellites:

 GPS is used by radio signals.

- Satellite:

Used in wars to destroy certain enemy positions.

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