The Key to Success: Temporary and Permanent Happiness

Happiness is the thing that keeps us alive, I know hope is, but if hope is the reason, happiness is the result, so it still makes us feel alive. some people are selfish, and all they think about is how to make themselves happy, and others want to make others happy so that they can feel happy, but genuinely most of us try to make himself happy so that he can give his outmost in every hard important mission in his life, or duties. sometimes people also try to be happy so that they can be distracted away from whatever makes them sad or weak in life.

Happiness can be temporary and can be permanent, each type has a suitable time and benefit. I, myself, need both. Permanent happiness as a result of big decisions in life, and temporary happiness for small thoughts we do to get us out of the bad mood. The first type is when I succeed in final exams or achieving a big goal in life. The second one, when I eat a large bar of smoothy chocolate or molten cake or pizza.though it might seem a silly thing or childish, but there are researches that actually proved that there are some sorts of plants that you can eat or drink that elevate the hormones of freshness and happiness and excitement in your blood and your body.

It's not always right to cheer up with the same silly things, but it works out almost every time. for women, it could be hearing pregnancy news or kids succeeding exams, or her husband promotion, her wedding, her first salary. As for men, it could be a new car, a new record in his racing game, or a new mobile or original hand watch. there are more, of course, in each section, but no matter how many things we can count, what makes me happy is definitely different from what makes you happy, no matter you are a man or a boy, a woman or a girl.

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