The Most Amazing 5 Mind Tricks that will Help you Remember Small Details

Yes it's in your head, your mind has a huge capacity that allows you to remember the name of your favorite movie or your old memories like birthday events and embarrassing situations that happened to you in the past.

Let's imagine that you entered into a room to do something there then you realized that you have forgotten why you went there in the first place, then you’ll understand that human memory is full of surprises. We seem to forget important information yet remember thousands of insignificant details we’ll never need. Why our brains do that? this is this the case.

The Most Amazing 5 Mind Tricks that will Help you Remember Small Details

so, we will help you to do some mind tricks to train your brain to remember things:

1- Repeat the information loud five or six times:

some peoples who started this strategy in CES at Las Vegas each year when they really wanted to remember a new company's name. They started to say the information out loud a few times which have worked for them as the test results denoted.

You usually repeat the location or the name of a new investment company, or the widget you noticed on the show floor. It seems to help if the name is unusual, like Twitch or Uber, Maybe it’s because you are hearing the information and speaking it or because you are isolating that information in your brain in a separate place from things you’ve read and only heard. Either way, congratulation it has worked.

 The Most Amazing 5 Mind Tricks that will Help you Remember Small Details

2- Connect the information with other things:

Sometimes we find that this information we just acquired is related to other some other thing or information, this technique is really helpful. lets say that you are going to some place by taxi and this is the first time for you to go to that place, and you notice some signs on road , when you link these signs with streets or before new turns it will help you remember the road in the future and same goes for other types of information.

3- imagine a list of items with the information you want to remember:

Every one of us have their own ways to remember things, but the most basic and shortest way to remember the information is linking them to parent and more common items that relate this information and other information too together in a tree like manner, for example if you want to recognize the name of some movie but you couldn't remember it, you can imagine some situations that are related to the name of the movie and then you can successfully remember the name. The key feature here is trying to arrange things in trees where minute branches go back to bigger and bigger branches.

It takes time to master this technique but it is useful and well known to students when trying to remember some details related to a bigger subject.

4- Convert words to images:

This trick works for 2 reasons:

First, we naturally remember visual cues better than words.

Second, the more senses you involve in learning or storing some information, the better you will be at recalling it.

Say you need to remember to submit a proposal to a client at 10 pm. for a meeting the next day. You commit your task to memory by visualizing your proposal as a stack of papers on top of an alarm clock that reads (10 pm.) The trick here is to make the picture vivid. So you visualize an alarm clock, time flashing, alarm blaring, and focus on it. 10 pm (proposal).

5- Create a mental memory list:

If you're trying to remember a large number of things or facts, start to put some tricks to relate them in your mind visually with a memory tree. Construct big branches first, then leaves like trick number 3. Branches and leaves should carry labels that are personally meaningful to you in some way, and the organization of the facts (leaves) should be logical. It's been well recognized since the 1950's we remember (bits) of information better if we chunk them. For example, it's easier to remember 331543 as "331" and "543" than as six individual digits.

The Most Amazing 5 Mind Tricks that will Help you Remember Small Details

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