These people should be kicked out of your friendlist

Friendship is a sacred bond between two persons who agreed with some moral contract to stay back to back and also spend good time together. Your friend could be a source of joy, happiness, and also sense of safety and security. There is always someone in our contact list who we can call when in need and that special one will not want anything in return because he does so for the sake of friendship. However, friendship should be based on mutual bases of respect, mutual benefit, and also doing no harm to each other.

In this article we are not going to talk about the bright side of friendship, instead we will talk about the bad side of it and how some people who pretend to be our friends could be a persistent source of harm, psychological and physical damage, and also social embarrassment. These people we talk about are not real friends, they might be using you for some other purpose but not pure friendship indeed. These people should leave your friend list for good:

These people should be kicked out of your friendlist

1- Parasitic friends:

We can define a parasite as: "Some harmful being that benefits from occupying a host where it's own survival depends on sucking out the resources from the host causing damage to it till the host dies and then the parasite would search for another host". 

This previous definition applies mainly to micro organisms that hurt other beings but we can apply it to social relations too. This type of people could be existing already on our friendship lists without us knowing, search for someone who is always causing you damage and will only benefit from you when you are damaged.

These people will always come to you to fix their own mess, they will ask for loans that will never be paid back, they will get you involved in losing investments all the time. These people will come to you when they are angry, worried, and unhappy but they will never come to you in their happy moments !. Actually it is when you feel sad for them will be their happy moment, they will be very glad to pass their negative feelings to you and get rid of it.

There is nothing wrong with helping a friend in a trouble but some friends never seem to be getting out of trouble, they never change and they don't want to while their own survival in life depends on you.

2- Always complaining friends:

Some people are programmed to be unhappy, they are similar to the first type we mentioned but the only difference is that they don't suck out your financial resources. These people are just a persistent damage through negative energy they spread. They are unhappy and they want everyone to be unhappy like them.

It is not your fault that someone's life is miserable, your life could be miserable too but at least you seek happiness somewhere. These people don't seek happiness and they prefer to act like drama queens to gain attention and sympathy and that's how they deal with it. In fact, you should give yourself what you deserve and keep away from such people who seem to be unhappy forever.

3- Jealous friends:

Lets differentiate between jealousy and envy as a completely different terms. Envy means someone is looking forward to have as great things as you but he wishes you to keep having these great things in your life. Jealousy otherwise means that someone hates you for having such great things and he wishes to have all what you got and take it out from you.

If you sense that your friend thinks that it's unfair for you to have this car, this job, this house, or this girlfriend, this means that this guy doesn't really love you because if he did he would wish you all happiness and more of good things to happen to you, but he isn't wishing that for you, is he?. This person is not your friend.

5- Hypocrite friends:

A typical Hypocrite is someone who would talk badly about you behind your back. This person will only show good intentions towards you in front of your face but will stab you in the back. You wouldn't imagine to have such person in your friend list, would you?

well, let me tell you that: These people exist already in your friend list and it is easy to tell them apart. When someone is talking to you about some common friend in a bad way but he still shows them good intentions when he faces them, this person would certainly do the same thing towards you at some point.

These people are not safe to keep around at all, not safe for your social life, your family, and your money to keep such people around. They would sell you cheap and stab you in the back whenever it comes to their benefit.

5- Different friends:

Although it is nice to talk about equality and humanity but this doesn't apply to friendship unfortunately. People from a completely different or opposite background are not going to work for you as friends, even when you like to talk to them from time to time but religious, social class, and cultural differences will always be a challenge to overcome and it is exhausting. If you can't stand a long time fight either with the community around you for having a friend from a different background or even the fights you will have with such person for the grand differences in points of views, then you should save your time and quit this type of friendship.

6- Bullies:

Bullies are sick personalities who would feed on the weak by turning them into a matter of sarcasm and continuous harm to feed some sick sadistic needs. These people are sick and they are not as strong as they look, they would fall apart upon facing a strong opponent and that's when they will show their true color.

Don't get yourself attracted to bullies even if they are bullying someone else and keeping you safe. Staying near bullies will get you harmed anytime when they feel so and believe me, they will indeed. 

7- Bad friends:

This one is classic but old is gold as they say. Bad friends will not get you anywhere and all they do is teaching you bad habits that will stick with you alongside your whole life. It is better to avoid bad friends from the beginning, they look shiny and attractive but they will eventually end up dropping out of school and working low paying jobs or not working at all. You don't want to be that and you don't wish for your life to end up as a drug or alcohol addict.

Even if you think you can get them to the right side, you won't, they are persistent and really hard to fix and it is not your job to fix the world. Just keep yourself safe at least.

These people we mentioned are not the only bad types of personality you should keep away from, there are many bad people around us everywhere and you know them already. We were talking about people who could exist in your friend list with good intentions and these ones you would be considering as your friends but they aren't.

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