These things you should teach your child in early childhood

Wise men always say "Learning in early years is like carving on stones". That's true, you should start teaching your children manners and values as early as they can learn. You should set an example for your children and show them the good side of life. You should be a good example yourself as children look at their parents as their own idols and maybe this look lasts for a whole lifetime.

Live an active life

First thing you should teach your children is to live an active life. Fill it with purpose and work. Practice sports, join social activities, field trips and camping, reading. All these activities you should teach your child in early childhood.

Express your feelings

You should teach your children to always express what they feel and not to feel afraid of it. It is the key of proper communication between you and your children and it also helps to avoid suppression which will only end in a predicted sociopath that you don't actually need your child to be.


It is very important to start teaching your children to read as early as they can read. Start with colorful books with moral stories. The more they grow up the more they will like reading themselves and start to gain useful information and morals about life.

Safe internet browsing

Teach them to use the internet safely and avoid giving serious information to strangers. Visit only trusted websites with suitable content for their age and maybe you need to use a parental lock to protect them from unwanted content.

Handy crafts

Something like fixing a button or even cooking will help your children to become a clever man/woman in the future. Start teaching them how to handle tiny matters and start to learn hand crafts using toys or even safe real tools. Keep them under your sight not to get them harmed.

Driving safely

yes, indeed. Although being so early to teach your children to drive but you should show them that you drive safely, fasten your seat belts and set calm, use light signals and respect traffic lights. This will help them drive safely in the future and protect themselves and others.

Avoiding drama and acting realistic

Not the television drama. It is the one we know when you start making a big deal out of everything. Help your children to overcome being a drama queen and start dealing with their problems in a more realistic way. Life is unfair and no one gets all of it. However you should start dealing with your problems early and use your brain to find a solution to every problem. Today you are there for them but tomorrow you might not.

Don't lie

That is the most important thing in our list. You should tech your children not to lie and always be sincere to you and others. Don't make them afraid to confess and help them deal with matters they would lie about by making them tell the truth and controlling your anger, talk to your child wisely and share your ideas with him of how to fix this matter and how to deal with it realistically.

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