Things Mothers Do not Know About Their Baby

The world of children is full of surprises and secrets that we may not know, certainly the children are wonderful, but did you know that they have more facts and secrets than we thought from the beginning and should learn about them from them.

Things Mothers Do not Know About Their Baby

Taking care of children means staying up late nights, especially newborns, but there are many other things that a new mother does not know about children. So if you encounter these surprises, you will not be surprised. Do not be alarmed by these things, as long as they come at the right time, and you have a background. 

Things Mothers Do not Know About Their Baby

Reading the following facts about children will make you think more about the miracle of life, and you will see your children differently: 

1- The first stool excretion is odorless

black things that come out with the first process of defecation in the new baby are called meconium, and they consist of mucus, uterine fluids and anything else that was digested when the fetus was inside the mother’s womb, but newborns do not yet have intestinal bacteria that make fecal smell foul. Once you start feeding the child, the bacteria will begin colonizing their intestines. After a day or more, the movement of the normal intestine begins and the stool begins to be colored green, yellow or brown, and the familiar smell of feces begins to appear.

2- Sometimes babies stop breathing

When infants sleep they may stop breathing for 5 to 10 seconds, which is enough time to make the mother and father panic, but irregular breathing is normal, but if your child stops breathing for a longer period or turns blue, it is a medical emergency, and Children, when they are excited or crying, may take more than 60 breaths per minute.

Things Mothers Do not Know About Their Baby

3- They cry without tears at first

Children start crying in the second or third week, but tears do not appear until the first month of life, and in the late afternoon and early evening there is a lot of crying and causing noise and inconvenience, and in most cases they are without reason, And the peak of crying reached about 46 weeks, or the age of 6 to 8 weeks for children in the full extent, and after 3 months the episode of crying has usually passed because the newborns have become older. 

Things Mothers Do not Know About Their Baby

4- Newborns have breast

When they are born, both boys and girls have a small breast, and milk may leak from it too, but do not try to squeeze those little lumps that appear as a breast, These breasts are formed because children absorb estrogen from the mother, but these small breasts will disappear on their own within a few weeks, and in newborn girls, these breasts may continue to appear a little longer than a few days.

5- Male babies have an erection

It often happens before urinating, and it can be considered a warning during changing diapers, and the cause is unknown but nothing causes fear or shame, and his penis may seem large at birth and this is also normal, and the hormones of the newborn and the mother play a role, as well as the role of bruises or swelling from the birth process.

Things Mothers Do not Know About Their Baby

6- Child starves all the time

You may be confused when the baby is asking to breastfeed all the time. Sometimes you have to worry if your child relies on formula. But breast milk is quickly digested and absorbed, so a baby who is breastfed may feel very hungry in short periods. It is also available to prepare the infant formula if he needs it, but you must consult a doctor before providing the formula for the baby. Sometimes the reason a child cries is that he needs the bosom of his mother. Not all the child's crying is hunger; it may be that he is looking for his mother.

7- Exotic leather properties:

The child may be covered with soft and wild hair, which is common for children born early on schedule. There may also be small red spots called "blood freckles", which are blood that leaks from blood vessels under the skin. Because of the circulatory instability in newborns, some small red dots may appear under the skin.

Things Mothers Do not Know About Their Baby

8- Children recognize characters:

Children distinguish between good and bad manners, and this begins in children at the age of six months and they distinguish between good and bad characters. From those they show toward evil characters.

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