Things No One Ever Tells You About Pregnancy

Things No One Ever Tells You About Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy here we are trying to tell you things you should know about pregnancy so get ready mummy!

In the early days of pregnancy, you are both pregnant and not pregnant.

As doctors calculate pregnancy from the first day of the mother's last period.

So if you're pregnant, for at least the first few days of your official pregnancy, you weren't pregnant at all


You may develop new freckles, patches of coloured skin, and even darkened areolae around your nipples Don't pannic this is normal!

Your nose can work overtime..and then stop working

Suddenly, you can smell everything – rubbish bins and fishmongers miles and miles away. And meanwhile, on public transport, you find that you take against anyone wearing perfume.

On the other hand, there is such a thing as pregnancy rhinitis, where the sheer volume of extra blood in your body causes your nasal tissues to swell and make breathing uncomfortable.

You might mistake the first trimester for flu.

Tiredness. Nausea. Upset stomach. Headaches – just some of the joys of the first three months of pregnancy.

At some point you will be too big for regular clothes and too small for maternity clothes.

You won't be able to squeeze into your favourite jeans, and maternity ones will slide right off you.

Your cravings may be inconsistent

You want pizza. You need pizza. You buy pizza. All of a sudden, the very thought of pizza makes you throw up all over yourself.

You may have more saliva than you know what to do with.

No one really knows what causes excess salivation during pregnancy, only that it occurs more often in women with heartburn and morning sickness. Oh, and talking of morning sickness...

You might vomit while brushing your teeth.

Some women find that their gag reflex becomes extra sensitive, so that even toothbrushes can trigger it.

You may feel too cold…Then too hot

Some women feel unseasonable cold when they're pregnant, especially in the first trimester.

Hormonal changes increase the blood supply to the skin, making you feel warmer and more sweaty than usual.

Your legs might come to life at night.

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) – a sensation of pins and needles in the legs that makes you move them around – is common in pregnancy.

You'll really miss sleeping on your belly

Especially in the third trimester when you require three pillows and some sort of crane to get into bed comfortably.

It's okay not to want everyone to touch your belly.

For some reason, some people think pregnant women's bellies are public property. You are allowed to feel exactly the same about someone running up and touching your pregnant body as you would someone touching your non-pregnant body.

You will start to count things in weeks, not months.

It's fun to tell people you're 196 days pregnant, and let them try to work it out in their heads.

Your ultrasound photo may freak you out.

Don't worry, that's just what ultrasounds look like. My baby looked like a grinning demon-clown-doll in his ultrasound photo, and now he looks like a cherub.

Feeling the baby move will be weird…And then wonderful

It can feel like a goldfish swimming around in your belly. You may think it's gas. Then you see it, and it's like something out of Alien.

Once you get used to the wriggling, it all starts to become real. There is an actual little life in there, and suddenly you can't wait to meet them.

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