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Things women do which drives men crazy!

Do not do this women if you want to keep him!

Men always have their own reasons to hate women. This is a little survey we tried to search and to see what women do that drive men mad!

1-Too much makeup

Wearing a makeup don't mean applying a new face this is something women should take care of while wearing their makeup. men know when too much foundation or bronzer has been applied and if we don’t we find out soon enough when half your face has dripped onto their clothes.

2-Too much perfume

Perfume is not mosquito spray so don't apply it in the same manner. If you notice a lot of people sneezing around you It means that their is something wrong about it!

3-fake tan

Men likes natural look they not get attracted to the extra fake tan applied by women! fake tan looks awful.

4. Taking an age to get ready

Men always get ready in 5 minutes! We all know that women enjoy getting ready for a night out – and who would ever deny them that - but when the getting ready part ends up being longer than the actual night out itself, ladies it’s time to have a good look at yourself in the mirror. Not literally of course because that will take you even longer.

5. The Drama Queen

Women always take care of the small details that men always skip... if she is wearing something new and she asked her partner(how I look?!) and he replied(you look beautiful let's go out.) she yell(this all you can say!!!!) and the drama begins and lasts all the night long!

6-I have nothing to wear

Clothes are every wear at the house,,she always go shopping and buy new clothes but she always says(I have nothing to wear!!)


Check what happens always: Man: What would you like to watch tonight? Woman:: I don’t mind, you decide. Man: Ok Woman: No I don’t like that Man: ok Woman:'No I don’t like that either' Man:(fake smile) sure,you choose... You get the picture!

Well, do you agree?! Have we messed any thing else?! Post your comments below let us know more and more about things that women do that drives men crazy!

Things women do which drives men crazy!

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