Things Your Mother Is Always Right About!

Mom's have always been spot on with their advice.

Mothers are filled with worldly wisdom and one should listen when they speak.

This sounds reasonable when we are mature but we didn't really pay any attention to her words when we were young.

Here's a look at some pieces of advice our moms gave us when we were young, which didn't make sense till we grew up.

I just don't like him/her!

During our school and college years, our mom would point out to one of our friends and say straight up that she didn't like him/her, without any specific reason!
Many of us discovered much later in life that she was right and we did the correct thing to disconnect from that 'friend'.

If they cheat WITH you, they will cheat ON you

This was an advice none of us paid heed to in early adulthood. Now, after dealing with numerous breakups and witnessing troubled relationships, we can safely say that mom's words were very true.

Education matters

Every time she asked us to focus on our studies, pay attention in class and learn, seemed like nagging at the time and most of us chose to ignore the advice. But as we matured, we understood the value of her words

The company you keep matters

This is something we could all agree on now, that the people we spend our time with affect our personality and thoughts to a large extent.

Always send a thank-you note

A simple thank-you note has the ability to bring a smile on people's face and it takes the least amount of effort.

Stick up for what you believe in!

If you believe in something, stand up for it, even if the whole world is against you. The simplicity and the profoundness of this advice cannot be overstated!

Kill them with kindness,be nice!

Be nice, be polite, be grateful, be a kind human being. When our moms said this to us, it was much more than a moral, it was a way of life she hoped we would live. kindness is one thing that shines brightly in a world filled with rude and selfish people.

Save money for the future

Well, now we know, money saved is money earned, thanks to our moms!

Be patient

'Wait' was certainly not our favorite word when we were growing up.Now we all know how being patient is one of the most important virtues in life.

Listen to me. You'll understand where I'm coming from

She was always right and we do know where she was coming from. Like a filter, she took away all the worst aspects of life and gave us some irreplaceable advice on life. For few of us who did listen to her back them, aren't we grateful for what she taught us!

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