Tips on how to raise a pet in your home and what types can you breed

Pets are known as animals that can be raised at home, either for fun or for protection and guarding. Many animals are raised, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, mice, birds and turtles. 

Those who want to raise pets should know some information about the type of animal you want to raise, how to raise it, and how to take care of it. This can be done through the following steps:

Tips on how to raise a pet in your home and what types can you breed

Rules and Regulations:

It is very important to establish rules and laws related to the animal and how to raise it, such as: laws for feeding and cleaning, or take a walk, in order to train in a certain pattern, and to limit the places to go or forbidden such as sleeping on the bed.

Processing all necessary supplies for animals:

The food and its utensils must be equipped, the drinking water utensils, the place of need, in addition to its special requirements, such as: the ring and the chain.

Do some household appliances:

Eliminate toxic electrical appliances, detergents and pesticides that may reach the animal, remove household plants that may harm animals, remove valuable objects, remove staples, sewing tools, cosmetics and medical medicines, and allocate new space for new animals: preferably away from old animals. To get used to each other gradually, because the animals take time to get to know each other, and must connect electrical wires to protect the animals from chewing and causing harm to them, or damage the home, and you close the doors well both doors Yeh or internal to prevent animals from escaping, as well as to seal the doors of lockers to prevent animals from tampering and sabotage the house holdings.

Learn how to handle pets

Be aware that all members of the family are aware of how to deal with the animal, how to carry it and play with it, in addition to knowing the laws that are related to it, to avoid being disturbed or confused, by reading books about animal husbandry, and watching videos related to this. Choosing a healthy animal It is advisable to choose a healthy animal to raise it at home by taking it to the veterinarian to check its sterilization, trimming its nails, giving it the necessary vaccinations, and taking care not to feed it excessively so that it does not adversely affect the animal's health and activity.

Some may want to raise pets at home and have a mutual love relationship that often goes beyond human relationships. 

Besides feeling human, especially for people living alone at home, owning a pet offers a set of lessons in life that you can learn including:

1- The importance of physical communication

This type of physical contact can have a positive impact on the mental state. In a joint study conducted by UK-based charity organizations, researchers studied how cat care affected depression, and found that 87% of cat owners said their pets positively affected on their mental health.

2. Exercise of physical activities

A study published in the journal Physical Activity and Health in lifestyle habits of more than 40,000 adults, considered to determine the relationship between raising pets and how much to engage in physical activity (walking specifically). Surprisingly, researchers found, owners of cats and dogs were less likely to use public transport, and were more likely to walk in short distances.

3. Calm under pressure

It was found that the presence of a pet near the human helps to reduce the feeling of tension, and in a study published in the Journal of American Psychiatry, the participants were asked to complete the exercise within a period of time, according to the results of the study, it was found that participants who have pets were less vulnerable For high heart rate and blood pressure levels.

4 - Learn to lead:

According to an online survey of 857 Americans by the Banfield Animal Hospital and the Kilton Research Institute, owning a pet can be a factor in professional success. The results of the survey showed that 86% of pet owners say they have better time management and a number of tasks at the same time.

And some of us may choose what kind of animals are suitable for breeding and how to look after them. Pets such as cats, dogs, fish or birds, but each has its own way of breeding, such as :


Of the reptiles loved by children, as they are like other pets that teach children patience and kindness to the animal, which suits them, where they provide food such as: Lettuce.

The cats:

 The cats need special care. They need a warm place to sleep in. They must be equipped with dust to stand up and take care of their cleanliness every month, and they should be trained not to repeat the mistakes they make. Beating, and reward for the beautiful actions that you do, preferably comb her hair every day to prevent hair loss around the house.

Tips on how to raise a pet in your home and what types can you breed

The dogs:

 Dog breeding is not very different from cats, but it is worth mentioning that dogs are a companion to one person, and this is done by getting dogs to eat from their man-friend just to obey him in everything he says.

The birds:

 Bird breeding is one of the easiest ways to raise pets. All you have to do is to provide food, water and follow-up in the cage every day. You can also train them on some movements or talk like a parrot. You should get used to the person you care for, It can be started as a first step closer to the bird to extend the finger to him taking into account the training on a daily basis and for a short period of the day.

Tips on how to raise a pet in your home and what types can you breed

The fish:

Fish is a great way to teach your children to take care of animals. Fish need to clean their aquarium and provide their food on a set schedule, an opportunity to teach your children to take care of it like pets.

Tips on how to raise a pet in your home and what types can you breed


Rabbits need to take care of their own. They sleep long hours during the day and should be allowed to explore their surroundings and jump, so that they do not feel constrained, which your children learn to deal with.

Chicken or chicks:

You can buy chicks for your children, so they can raise them and take care of them, as well as giving those grains until they grow up and become chickens.

Tips on how to raise a pet in your home and what types can you breed

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