Tour Takes You Inside an Active Volcano

A new website offers a glimpse of the view from a volcano's rim, letting you peer into a lava lake below.

An lively volcano is a dramatic sight. Volcanoes — hills or mountains in Earth's crust that shape over fissures beginning immediately into the mantle — can maintain significant lakes of molten lava in their craters. And after they erupt, they could eject lava flows and fountains, generate earthquakes and avalanches, or produce steam and ash plumes which could tower for miles overhead, offering an awe-inspiring glimpse of the dynamic processes at work deep inside our planet.

All that can be dangerous (no longer to mention downright scary) to see up near. but now, you can peek on the innermost workings of an active volcano in Nicaragua, with the help of the immersive website referred to as virtual Volcano. The revel in turned into designed with the aid of creative corporation Gin Lane and represents information collected by a crew of volcano specialists with the assist of the government of Nicaragua and standard electric powered (GE).

To create the online "virtual volcano" experience, scientists rode a zipper line into the Masaya volcano, which stands approximately 2,000 toes (610 meters) tall and is positioned about 12 miles (19 kilometers) from the Nicaraguan capital of Managua. Their descent of 1,200 ft (365 meters) terminated above a lava lake, where temperatures reached 1,800 tiers Fahrenheit (1,000 tiers Celsius). once in role, the researchers deployed a battery of sensing and recording generation to acquire facts that covered temperature, fuel emissions and atmospheric stress, even as cameras stuck some of the nearest perspectives of a lava lake ever captured on video.

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