About Feeds

1- Feeds is where you can get custom articles and news

about feeds on Orrec

Feeds page is designed to meet your interests and watch list. You need to create an account to be able to customize your own feeds. You can visit the feeds page at this link (


). Now when you are signed in you can click the edit feeds button to customize when type of news you would like to get through submitting custom keywords.

2- You can always specify the feeds you need if you look for a specific query

About feeds on Orrec

Use the feeds search bar to search for specific articles and news with specific keywords. Enter the keywords and tags you would like to search and enjoy the feeds.

3- It is not exactly google

Feeds page isn't a search engine as much it is a page that delivers you a beautiful interface full of articles you would like to read arranged in a descending order for relevance to your submitted search query. You will get the most relevant feeds first. The bigger your submit query the more relevant the results you get. Scroll down feeds to get more feeds.

4- Start following specific writers to get their feeds

When you follow a specific writer you will get their feeds by default in your feeds page. Also if you will be notified when your favourite writers publish new articles on Orrec. Keep up always to get the latest feeds from your favorite writers.

5- Customize friends privileges

You can customize other users access to your profile. Who can see your info and who can send you a friend request or a message. From the Edit profile button in your profile or in the header when you are signed in, you will be redirected to the edit profile page where you can customize your info and users privileges.