Activating Accounts

1- Check your email inbox after registering to Orrec

Check your email inbox after registering to Orrec. Please note that the activation email might be received at your junk mail box so check both your inbox and junk mail box.

2- If you don't get the confirmation email resubmit for a new one

If you can't find the confirmation email ask for a re-send from the account activation page.

3- If the link isn't working try to activate manually

In the activation email you will be provided with a link that should activate your account. If that link isn't working try to enter the activation code manually at the activation page.

4- If you don't activate your account in a 3 days period try generating a new activation code

The activation code has a valid time, usually a 3 days period. If you don't activate within this time the activation process will have to be resubmitted again.

5- Customize friends privileges

You can customize other users access to your profile. Who can see your info and who can send you a friend request or a message. From the Edit profile button in your profile or in the header when you are signed in, you will be redirected to the edit profile page where you can customize your info and users privileges.