Creating Accounts

Nothing is easier than creating your personal account on Orrec

1- Click Sign Up from the header

Create Account on Orrec

From the header above click the Sign Up button, if you are using a mobile device you will find that button on the drop down menu above in the header.

2- Fill in the sign up fields

Create Account on Orrec

From the sign up page you will have to fill in the essential sign up fields. Make sure you write down accurate information because we will use your email account to send you confirmation instructions in order to activate your account.

3- Complete your profile

Create Account on Orrec

You can now complete your profile info for better appearance. Insert the information you would like to show to your friends. If you wish to complete this stip later click skip to be directed to your profile directly.

4- Upload your profile photo and edit your account anytime you like

Create Account on Orrec

You will find the upload profile photo button below your demo profile picture. Click to upload a profile picture you wish and edit your profile too anytime you like.

5- Customize friends privileges

You can customize other users access to your profile. Who can see your info and who can send you a friend request or a message. From the Edit profile button in your profile or in the header when you are signed in, you will be redirected to the edit profile page where you can customize your info and users privileges.