About Feeds

1- At first you need to create an account on Orrec

Create an account on Orrec to start writing and publishing your articles on Orrec. Click the sign up button from the header above or

click here

to be redirected to the create account page. If you already have an account

sign in

to be able to access the write page.

2- Now access the write page

write on Orrec

By accessing the write page


you will see Orrec writer. It is very simple and almost similar to any word editor tool you have used before.

3- Fields on the left are mandatory

write on Orrec

You will see some input fields on the left side of the page which are mandatory to submit any article. Fulfill these fields before you start writing.

4- Now write down your article

write on Orrec

Submit the text and images you like on the writer. You can choose the type of text as a header or a quote from the tools menu above.

5- You can insert images too

insert images and write on Orrec

You can insert images anywhere in your article, choose their alignment and size, and also link images from external websites.

6- You can link your text too

insert links and write on Orrec

You can link your text to external links for more reference. Remember, search engines will like to keep the internet flow going so external links will help your articles to show more on search engines.

7- Finish and submit

Now that you wrote you article click submit. For some users or at specific times you will not be able to access your articles immediately that they will be needed to be provisioned first by out editors team but by default you will be able to submit your articles directly to Orrec.

7- Access your articles

access you articles on Orrec

Now that your article is approved you can see it on your profile and your personal news feeds. Check your article and share it on social media for more visits. Remember, the more visits you get the more rewards and the more rank you will get for future articles.

8- Edit your article tags

edit you articles on Orrec edit you articles on Orrec

You can edit your article and article tags through accessing your article and submitting new tags as in the pictures above. Tags are very important for relevancy to reach the right user through feeds so choose them wisely.

9- Tips and tricks

- First of all, respect others privacy and hard work through following our guide lines in the

articles policy


- Share your articles on social media from sharing buttons below each article to get more visits.

- Use internal links in your articles, they will help you show more on search engines.

- Articles should have a good unique content. start with at least 500 to 1000 words per article to get good content.

- Images are good looking but articles with just images and low content will not help you much in search engines as they count on content.

- Use good tags and good description on the article writer. They will help you get better search results on Orrec.

- Build your reputation on Orrec to get more followers and positive feedback. Good feedback from users will get you a better ranking factor which will help your future articles start with a bigger score and show more to other users.