What future of human life in cities would look like?

A prospective view of future of human life and cities

Future seems to be knocking on our doors with amazing technological advances being introduced to our lives everyday, we are familiar with new technologies in house hold products and cell phones, However, technology is advancing too on a macro level or even at city building and architectural designs of future cities. In this article we will discuss some futuristic advances that are supposed to be facts in our lives in the near future.

Futuristic green buildings with self satisfied energy and agriculture

Future building will be self satisfactory on both agricultural and energy scales. Every building will generate it's own energy through renewable clean energy sources like solar energy boards and wind energy. Also you will be supplied with your groceries and energy without any external sources.

Robots will take on medical matters

Robots will be so advanced that they can operate on human bodies independently with the ability of automated health checks to be able to diagnose diseases as early as possible. Human life expectancy is supposed to increase and maybe one day we will see humans live up to 200 years on regular bases. Human doctors will only have to recheck after robots to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Robots will take the risky and dirty works

Prototype of wearable robot suit designed at china

We expect robots to be taking on risky and dangerous works like climbing on high building and other maintenance and cleaning duties. These things will be automated with the availability of wearable robotic suits to aid humans do the heavy duty jobs like lifting heavy objects or even mining works.

A micro chip for everyone

Although some recent reports claimed the development of medical capsules to diagnose and cure diseases, in the future everyone will be identified through a micro chip that can do medical diagnosis and also communication and identification processes. You will be identified by your micro chip with no need for having a personal wallet or and ID card, you will be able to do all your payments and check into airports using that chip. You will be also capable of communicating with others with no need to hold a cell phone through these chips.

Massive automated public transportation

In the future there will be no need for personal vehicles which will be automated too. For the same of energy preservation and avoiding human errors, there will be a massive transportation system through capsule like vehicles that will take you anywhere while all you need to do is to sit and enjoy the ride. You won't be late at work anymore (if you still need to work) while you will also save some money you would spend on buying a new car.

No need for physical shops anymore, VR is here !

You won't be needing to go to shops to buy new staff, you will have everything available on the internet through virtual reality technology. You will be able to check things you need to buy online at your house or even at VR screens like the one in the picture above. All you will have to do is to pick things you need and it will be delivered at your door step.

Amazing architecture with no more country borders

Although not seeming to be any hopes for future peace but we hope one day we will unite as one country with no more politics. Future cities will have modern designs on every prospect, every community will serve a purpose with a global network of communities to help each other and trade services and experiences. People will need politics no more as will eventually learn that there are no winning teams in this game and we will enforce peace by only respecting our differences, or at least we hope so!. Share with us what you thing about future cities at the comment section below.

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