What is the importance of social communication?

The widespread social media allows easy communication with others around the world quickly and efficiently, and this point is the most direct and clear positive of social media, and among the most famous social networking sites in the world are Facebook and Twitter. 

What is the importance of social communication?

Definition of social media: 

Social media is defined as a technology that is used across the World Wide Web and by using multiple types of devices; Such as computers, tablets, or even smart phones, and these means allow their users to interact with other users such as family and friends through what is shared through these means, such as pictures, blogs, videos, and other things provided by social media such as games, for example, and the use of these is not limited. Means are for individual and personal use, as companies use these means in order to reach customers and interact with them, place advertisements through these means or even provide various support services. These means are based on the principle of exchanging ideas and information and building virtual societies. 

What is the importance of social communication?

The importance of social communication: 

• It helps in discharging negative charges inside the human being, so we express what we feel with close people and feel comfortable, and they can help each other in solving problems.

• Social communication teaches us the skills of dealing with people, which can be used in various fields of work, as it introduces us to the strengths and weaknesses of our personality and increases our self- confidence.

• Social communication helps in the renaissance and development of society, because when we speak, we contribute to the development and solve the problems facing the homeland, and we know what we are facing and offer solutions to overcome it. 

• Social communication gains us many advantages by being open to the world and the different cultures around us, and makes us more up- to- date and familiar with the latest developments.

• Social communication is an essential way to be entertained and enjoyable in life. We can spend special times with our partners and forget their worries and problems.

What is the importance of social communication?

Forms of social communication:

• Direct social communication: Which is face to face without any barriers.

Indirect social communication: it is through social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and others.

Pros of social media:

-  Communicating with the world around us, and knowing all the issues, news and developments in various events. 

- Present our ideas freely and without restrictions, and exchange opinions and different ideas with all transparency.

- The possibility of obtaining a job, developing skills and establishing projects through these sites.

What is the importance of social communication?

The negatives of social networking sites:

- Wasting time in the event that it is used unregulated, wasting our time and making us fall short of our work, our studies or ourselves.

- It reduces direct contact, whether with friends and relatives, or within family members, and thus weakens important life ties.

- The possibility of doing wrong actions easily and without restrictions or knowing who does them, so there is no control or responsibility in these sites.

What is the importance of social communication?

The importance of social media in marketing: 

• Your competitors are present on social media and social media with its various channels. Therefore, you also have to be present and prove that you are not inferior to the competition. 

• Your presence on social media will increase people's knowledge, and thus your sales will increase further.

• Your interaction with people and your response to them, whether through messages or comments, increases customers' confidence in you more and increases their knowledge of your brand.

• Social media ads, through which you can reach customers better and faster.

• Social media can also increase your website traffic, which improves your ranking on the search engines.

What are the most important social media applications? 

o Facebook:

Facebook is the most widespread social media network on the Internet , with more than two billion active users every month on this program, and Facebook contains many various features; As the Facebook Messenger application, which is considered the second most popular messaging application around the world, Facebook allows its users to share photos, events or even videos with other users, communicate with friends, and other things, and this social networking site was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. 

o Instagram:

It is a social media site that allows its users to share different types of multimedia, such as pictures and videos, or even download them, and this application works on mobile phones that operate with different operating systems; Like the Android operating system, the iOS operating system, or even the Windows Phone operating system, to create an Instagram account, the user must be more than 13 years old as a minimum, and you can interact with other users on Instagram by commenting on their posts and liking them.

What is the importance of social communication?

o Snap chat:

It is a popular and very popular social communication application, which allows its users to take what are known as snaps and publish pictures and videos that disappear automatically after a short time after publishing them, and this application is easy to use, and Snap contains millions Users.

o Twitter:

It is a social networking site that allows its users to post short posts through it known as tweets, and it is possible to follow other people's tweets or even comment on one of them, and tweets can also be used and placed within keywords on Twitter, in addition to the ability to search for any tweets on this site, It should be noted that the maximum number of characters for this tweet is 280 characters, and this site is characterized by its ease of use, and its integration with external services, but it should be noted that it is difficult to find specific people within this application. 

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