What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas traditions and its main symbol, usually a coniferous or conical green tree like a spruce or pine tree or a cypress tree or an artificial tree of similar appearance, and is associated with the celebration of Christmas usually by placing the tree they are usually indoors and decorated. 

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree is a widespread tradition on December 25 of each year, as an expression of joy and joy for Christians on Christmas festivals, so a green tree is decorated in the house as an expression of a symbol of life and light, and that is several days before the New Year and remains until Epiphany. The idea of a Christmas tree dates back to what was mentioned in scientific encyclopedias to the Middle Ages in Germany, which is famous for the pine tree forests that are distinguished by their permanent greenery, and they are usually among many pagan tribes that worship the god called "bull" and is what they call the god of forests and thunder, And in ancient rituals, one of the tribes presented in this celebration a human victim of its sons. 

In addition, this habit then moved to several countries such as Germany to France and England and then America, and then finally to the rest of the regions Where people mastered the use of embellishments in many forms and known. 

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

The first tree mentioned in a document preserved to this day was in Strasbourg in 1605 AD, but the first huge tree was the one that was erected in the Royal Palace in England in 1840 B.C. During the reign of Queen Victoria, and thereafter, the use of the tree rapidly expanded as an essential part of the Christmas decorations. The first trees were decorated with red apples, roses and strips of fabric. 

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

Why is everyone distributing gifts to each other on this occasion? 

Nicolaus, who the Church honored as the patron saint of children. Nicolaus pays particular attention to the poor orphans and children, and he distributes gifts to them. In addition, this habit gives joy to everyone’s hearts. 

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

What is this tree decorated for? What does the symbols attached to it symbolize?

We usually use many decorations with their beautiful shapes, attractive colors and wonderful lights every year. However, these decorations and colors have developed a special meaning for them. Here is the symbol and meaning:

• The star above the tree:

 The star symbolizes the birthplace of Jesus, peace be upon him.

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

• The bells:

that are hung in the tree and decorate the houses are used as a symbol indicating the beginning of the arrival of this season, that is, the birth of our master Jesus, peace be upon him, while others linked the bells to the arrival of Santa Claus.

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

• Candles:

It expresses the light of our master Jesus, peace be upon him, on the world, and to teach people to become lit candles in a dark world.

• Santa Claus stick:

Represents the shepherd's stick and the hooked or twisted part of the stick is used to bring a lost sheep, to teach people to be guards and always looking for lost sheep. 

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?

Christmas trees around the world:


German settlers immigrated to Canada from the United States in the eighteenth century, and brought with them many things related to Christmas, and when Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, placed the Christmas tree in Windsor Castle in 1884, the Christmas tree became a tradition in All over England, the United States, and Canada. 


Buying natural pine is a luxury commodity for most Mexican families; so the traditional people of Mexico is a (small tree), often artificial, or a bare chunk of a cobalt (Bur sera microphylla), or a type of bush collected from the countryside.

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?


Although Christmas in Brazil is summer, this does not prevent the pine trees from being decorated with a small piece of cotton representing snow.


Christmas trees are bought at any time in December, and they are decorated with colored lights, some people prefer to place the angel over the tree, others prefer to place the star, and the house is decorated with garlands and candles.


Nowadays, Norwegians often take a trip to the woods to choose a Christmas tree, and on Christmas Eve, the tree is decorated by parents, and children wait outside while they are anxious, followed by a Norwegian ritual known as «Christmas tree fly». Everyone forms a circle around the tree, then they wrap around them singing songs, after which gifts are distributed. 

South Africa:

Christmas is a summer vacation in South Africa, and although Christmas trees are not common for them, the windows are often covered with shiny cotton and wool.


Many Christmas traditions practiced around the world began today in Germany, as it was always believed that the chaplain (Martin Luther) - the absolute age of reform in Europe - started the tradition of bringing the Christmas tree home; according to one legend, it is late One evening, (Luther) was walking home through the woods, and he noticed how the stars shine through the trees. He wanted to share this beauty with his wife. Therefore, he cut down a tree and took it to the house and put it inside, and decorated it with small candles lit on the branches, and he said: That would be a symbol of the beautiful Christmas sky.

What is the story behind the Christmas tree?


Fresh pine trees are very expensive for many Filipinos, so they use handcrafted trees of different colors and sizes, and are decorated with star lanterns.


Christmas trees are adorned with small toys, dolls , paper ornaments, gold paper fans and lanterns. Miniature candles are also placed between tree branches, and one of the most popular ornaments of the Japanese is (origami swan). 

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