What Makes A Great Leader? Inspirational True Story

I believe that the great leader is the person who always feels proud of not what he/she has accomplished, but in what he/she significantly influenced others to accomplish.

 Since I was a student in primary school, I always had the feeling to accept and participate in everything the school offered whether in education competitions or in acting competitions. When I got older, I got to know something called leadership, therefore, I remembered the feeling that I had always felt since I was a child; the feeling to work in groups and contribute in getting the victory.

I had a lot of situations throughout my life that I contributed as an influential leader, one of which is when I was a freshman. We had something called The Annual Show in our university which is talents day for English department student to participate and act in English. We were not going to participate because we were freshmen, and we were not familiar with the professors and the other elder students in the department. there was not enough time since we decided to participate.

My classmates and I started to work together on the Shakespearean play, Othello. I was the leader, as it was my idea to work in the short time left. We worked very hard to be ready for that day, I never stopped encouraging them; however, one of my classmates told me that we would never win, but I agreed to participate because you are my friend and I can never say no to you.

I told him literally if you agreed because of me, then don’t participate because you will never do your role properly; you have to do it for yourself and believe that you are the one who will make the difference, and we cannot perform this play without you.

My argument with him was convincing, and he changed his mind. To sum things up, we won the best part award on that day. Most importantly, my friend whom I convinced to work for himself won the best actor award.

From that day on, I discovered how influential leader I am when I was willing to hold the consequences if we had lost that day. Also, I become the one who feels more proud whenever I help and encourage someone to accomplish something. Further, I learned that my role will always be influential on others no matter how I think of it. Now, I could be a leader of a country because I believe that a president or a leader is not about being above all, it is all about respect and work in groups. I believe that all people are leaders by their impact on society. In my own perspective, a great leader has to be able to socialize, to share, and most importantly to empower people around him/her.

I strongly believe that a great leader is the one who is always ready to do the best work with his/her team in the shortest time no matter what.

Decisively, an influential leader must accept his/her team members’ attitudes and opinions and to work hard to foster his/her team members to share their opinions. I have talked to my friend and I think I impressively influenced him to change his mind, so he won.

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