What to Do When You Cannot Find a Job:

Months have passed and you are looking for a job that suits you, but the waiting call does not come to you, and when you are called to a job interview, you do not get the job. While there is no specific period during which you have to find a job, it is not permissible for a lot of time to pass, as you have to leave your unemployment, and it is necessary to reconsider your method of searching for a new job. 

We all know the intensity of competition between job seekers in the market, as every job seeker aspires to stand out from other candidates and prove himself when applying for jobs, it is illogical to apply for any job that does not suit your capabilities and capabilities and raise your expectations and then be exposed to disappointment that Accompanying ignoring your job application. To avoid these matters, you have to follow a strategic way of looking for work that enables you to increase the chances of finding a job that really suits you. 

What to Do When You Cannot Find a Job:

How to search for a job smartly:

Here are 8 tips provided by HR experts, and of course, they will benefit you more than you expect:

1. Know yourself well

Before beginning your research , you must specify convincing answers to these core questions: Who are you? What skills and knowledge do you really have? What do you want to do? What do you want from life? Function? Career and major? Where do you want to be after several years? What do you want to change? This type of analysis helps you clarify your skills and talents and reveals weaknesses. With this step, you will be able to set clear and specific goals, and build your effective plans to achieve them with ease.