Which plastic bottle is suitable for your health?

Many of us use plastic bottles either to drink water or even for a little picnic. We may use them to store water, juice, or any other liquids. However most of us don't really know the difference between these numeric codes written on the bottom of these bottles. In this article we discuss numeric codes and symbols on plastic bottles to help you out choose which one is better for your health and your kids.

Numeric Code 1: Acronym(PET OR PETE) (NYLON)

These bottles are safe for only one use and should not be re-used or heated. It could be recycled into other products like plastic bags, or fabrics. They are commonly used for water bottles at the stores, soda, and cooking oils.


These bottles are commonly used for juice, milk, and shampoo. Their reuse should be limited and they are recyclable for one time only and used for the same purpose.

Numeric code 3: Acronym(PVC) (POLYVINYL CHLORIDE)

They are used mainly for plastic wrapping and should be avoided as bottles. They degrade into toxic materials like dioxin which contaminated environment and causing harm to human reproductive system.

Numeric code 4: Acronym(LDPE) (LOW-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE)

Used mainly for plastic wrapping and plastic bags like grocery and garbage bags. It is considered safe and recyclable. However, you should limit waste and environmental contamination by using recycled bags as they degrade very slowly.

Numeric code 5: Acronym(PP) (POLYPROPYLENE)

Used mainly for yogurt like products and straws. Safe plastics and should be recycled.

Numeric code 6:Acronym(PS) (POLYSTYRENE)

Used for plastic forks and spoons, and foam coffee cups. Avoid it as it leaks Styrene which is a toxic material to your nervous system and has many other harmful effects on your health.


It is used for making big water bottles, sports bottles, and other clear plastic containers. They are fairly safe. However, the ones containing Polycarbonate are made of BPA which is a synthetic estrogen (female hormone) which may be harmful to human health. So basically toy can use it but avoid the Polycarbonate bottles.

Here is a schedule for numeric coding of plastic materials

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