Why do girls wear makeup?

Things you may don't know about women who choose to wear makeup!

For those who didn't get it we are here to defend women who do choose to wear make up more often than not. Not saying that those who go natural are not worth defending For those who don't get it we are here to tell them things that they don't know about women who choose to wear makeup.

1-Don't get us wrong we really do it for our self!

Away from girls wear make up to impress guys! Honestly we can say that the only person We put on make up for is ourselves.When we have makeup on we feel good&comfortable. We don’t feel ugly without it, but it gives us a confident boost that you need once in a while.

2-Makeup is an art

It makes us feel like an artist.When our friends ask us to do their makeup, We honestly feel more artistic than We have ever felt in my life. However, when We are doing makeup on myself or someone else, We feel like there are no limits. We can try out different techniques without out the fear of it “going to waste” because if wemess up, all we do is start over again.

3-It's your way to feel more confident about your self

Confession time.We all have horrible under eye circles. We have been self-conscious about our dark circles since We were young and here we discovered the magic power of concealer Oyr droopy eyes had turned bright and alert for once. Makeup is helpful when it comes down to the emergency situations: zits, blotchiness, and blackheads. These are all times when we need foundation here and there to make all this over!

4. It’s a way to be expressive

Makeup says things about a woman they usually do not say on their own.Makeup helps them to express the beauty they never noticed before.

After all makeup is your way to express your natural beauty not to create it so it's Needless to say you are beautiful whether you choose to wear makeup or not. Don’t feel pressured to wear make up because other women do. Do not wear it because you think you’re at an age where it’s necessary to start wearing it. Wear it because you want to. Wear it as a form of creativity and expression so have fun with your makeup and be your own self.

Why do girls wear makeup?!

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