Why only few people have better voices at singing

Singing has been always the source of joy and happiness in almost all communities and cultural backgrounds around the history. Everyone have tried many times to sing mostly in solitary situations where no one was there to listen while some others went out loud to become great singers or joust ended up being mocked by their friends for their bad voices.

Why only few people have better voices at singing

The main issue of having good vs bad voice can be explained scientifically, while most of us simply accept the fact that we sing in a bad manner but science may surprise you that even you can have a great voice while you don't really know.

The main question here is: Why some people have better voices at singing than you or me or any other one who can't sing with a beautiful voice?

The main mechanism of producing a beautiful singing voice is the ability to control air flow coming out of lungs with synchronous motor control of vocal cords at the same time to produce high pitched voice. This is simply the mechanism of singing good. The fact is not all of us have the gift of naturally being able to hold control of that process, but the amazing news is that you can control it with little training and belief in yourself. The main factors affecting your voice tone can be explained as follows:

1- Anatomical factors:

Many factors contribute to bringing out a beautiful singing voice and the only difference between you and Katy Perry is that Katy Perry can control her voice good. This is due to anatomical differences in vocal cords shape and motors power, pharynx, skull shape, and even nose openings. All these factors contribute to better control of air flow over vocal cords to produce high pitched singing voices and different tones of voices for different people. However, these anatomical differences are minor. Some people were born naturally being able to have the control over the singing process while others need further training to achieve similar results. And yes, it can be achieved to have such control over your voice with training.

The other fun fact is that not all singers try even to have control over their vocal cords and decide to go out loud with their natural voices like Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain (lead singer of Nirvana). Some others don't even need that control as they sing different genres of music like rappers and Hip Hop singers. So even if you can't possess control over your vocal cords you can still rap anyway.

2- Training:

Like we said before, you can train and work out your voice a lot to gain the ability to sing beautifully. The fun fact here is even famous singers can have draw backs at live stages sometimes when they lose control over their voices by accident or due to lack of training and then they get caught with a weird ugly tone from time to time. You shouldn't be ashamed of trying out to train your voice if you love singing, even great singers of all time had to work out their voices and they work hard for it.

3- Psychological issues:

The main barrier holding you from singing out can be simply that you didn't try to sing good. May be you got mocked once or twice by your friends and you decided to give up and the fact is if you kept on training hard you could achieve amazing results with your voice. Science states that the main reason people don't sing good is that they simply think that they can't sing good. 

And finally to sum up the whole thing: 

Almost everyone can sing good if they train well. Some will find it easier at the beginning because they were born with natural gifts while many others need to work hard to achieve similar results. The only barrier between you and singing well is mainly a psychological barrier, if you overcome that you can sing well too.

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