Why Should We Travel? Discover With Us The Types And Benefits Of Travel

Traveling is a mental state where we can simply feel another spirit of life and people, even the different landscapes have a different spirit than we used to. In that previous concept, we can consider any migration that gives us that sweet spirit of simply not being home as Travel.

The great development of life has contributed to the fact that travel is essential and a common pattern in the lives of many people, depending on their needs in various areas of life, including: treatment, recreation, work, etc., where man has toured different areas and cities of the world. Travelling could be within the same country in which the person lives, so that the transition from one city or province to another can be considered on some basis as travel, or it may be beyond the borders of the state like the transition from one country to another.

Why Should We Travel? Discover With Us The Types And Benefits Of Travel

In this article we will know the benefits and types of travel: 

With scientific and technological progress, and plenty of transportation, travel is easier and easier for many than ever, and making a trip abroad for tourism, treatment or work is easier than ever before. There are a variety of reasons and types of travel, from travel to tourism, which is the most common nowadays, and to travel to work and trade. Global Goose has listed the most common types of travel, as follows:

1- Weekend

Many people travel away from the daily routines of the weekend, whether inside or outside the country. Many are looking for resorts, natural areas and beaches to enjoy a special holiday.

2- Travel within tourist groups

This type of travel is one of the most common types of travel. The tourist can enjoy a tour of the tourist attractions and learn about the culture of the country, its history, its effects, its markets and its important landmarks within a group of tourists led by a guide.

Why Should We Travel? Discover With Us The Types And Benefits Of Travel

3. Traveling on board a caravan

Many people like to travel with their families on board caravans and to travel around the country without having to stay in hotels. The caravan becomes a mobile home for them and allows them to take whatever they want for the trip, sleep and rest wherever they want.

4 - Travel as a volunteer

Whether you help build a school in Africa, work voluntarily on a farm in Italy, or work in an orphanage in Cambodia, travel as a volunteer is one of the most common types of travel in the world. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience for one personally, adding real value to the community he visits.

5. Travel to work

This type of travel is very common nowadays, as many seek to travel to other countries to work to improve their living conditions or to conduct business and investment in another country.

Why Should We Travel? Discover With Us The Types And Benefits Of Travel

Travel Benefits: 

• Recreation

Travel is one of the most important things that have a positive effect on the same person. It relieves him of the worries, boredom and pressures of life. He travels from one place to another to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the sea, the lakes, the gardens and others, which improves his mood and his condition. Psychological, where the joy enters his heart, and becomes animated, and explain his chest to see the beautiful scenery, and stimulate his mind to think positively.

• Acquisition of living

A person whose livelihood is narrowed in his country may travel in search of a livelihood. God may open wide doors of livelihood in the country to which he has traveled and enjoy golden opportunities he has not enjoyed before.

• Obtaining knowledge

 This is a matter of traveling from one place to another in search of knowledge and knowledge. Some travel to study a specialty that does not exist in their own country. This plays a major role in the development and advancement of peoples and in the fields of engineering, medicine, law, mathematics, Chemistry, and other fields. It is worth mentioning that the Companions and the Prophets followed this approach. Some of them traveled long distances in order to hear and convey the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

Why Should We Travel? Discover With Us The Types And Benefits Of Travel

• Collecting Arts

 In his journey, man meets with the scholars, the wise, the scientists, and the intellectuals, and thus acquires the best of their morals and learns about the different customs, cultures and literatures of them.

• Make Friends

 People meet with many people during travel, live with them in one place, and confuse them, and thus have strong friendships with them, and have a good support in the joys and sorrows, and in the country of alienation away from loved ones and parents

• Invitation response

 The traveler is invited to pray for mercy and forgiveness for himself, his parents, and all Muslims, and ask and ask for the success of God Almighty, and facilitate the things of his life, and open the doors of happiness and comfort in the world and the Hereafter.

• Increase relatives and friends

 During the journey, a person visits his loved ones, companions and relatives who live in the same country. This contributes to strengthening the bonds and social relations between them. He also earns the satisfaction of god. He reached his mercy and did not interrupt him. The separation of the uterus is one of the most recommended matters of Islam

Another benefits of travel : 

Travel brings many benefits that many people do not know. One of these benefits is to relax and to enjoy the distance from the worries, pressures and routine life. Watching the beautiful natural places contributes to changing the human condition and the purity of his mind.

And it:

1. Provides the courage necessary for adventure, as it extracts the creativity within it, which positively affects his personality.

2. Enriches human knowledge and increases its knowledge of many new cultures.

3. Human beings acquire new skills by mixing with many people from different cultures, which opens the opportunity for them to learn and exchange skills and experiences in various fields.

4. Creating new interests for the human being. When human beings learn about the cultures of other peoples, they may be interested in them and follow their passion and love to know more about them, looking for them and their origins, and perhaps end up studying or searching for these cultures.

5. The talents of man are revealed and discovered best; because of man's distance from his environment, which is governed by certain customs and traditions, which allows him to experiment with new things, as well as to know the human cultures different from the original culture, which increases the opportunities to discover his talents.

6. Many ethics are taught, such as the creation of tolerance. Racism often results from a deep ignorance of the ideas and cultures of other peoples. The travel comes as an opportunity to break this barrier between man and these cultures and give them the opportunity to understand their nature. Prejudice prejudices.

7. American writer Mark Twain says: "Travel kills bias, blind fanaticism, and narrow-mindedness. For these considerations, many of those we know need it badly."

8. A person learns through traveling new languages, one of the most important benefits that a person can get from traveling. The knowledge of a new language other than the mother tongue means a new knowledge of cultures, books and other sciences that can only be learned in the new language.

9. Increases human flexibility in dealing with others, and the laws of countries, customs and traditions of other cultures not previously recognized, giving it the ability to adapt to all these variables.

10. enhances human autonomy; it gives him an opportunity to rely on himself and make decisions and solve his problems away from any other influences, and increases the ability of man to deal with the challenges in his way, which earns an experience does not gain any other opportunity.

11. Increases man's self-confidence, as he realizes and realizes himself.

12. Gives man time to review himself and repair his flaws.

13. Travel is described as a psychological treatment for many psychiatric illnesses such as depression. Some companies give their employees opportunities to travel, and they pay the full cost to renew their activity and keep them away from the atmosphere of boredom and job burnout.

14. raises the level of human happiness, where the impact of travel and happiness in the pre-travel during the preparations - where the man is excited and happy to think about when he will spend in a new place and within new cultures - and in the stage of travel and beyond.

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