why we should «Refuse» free gifts?

You like the gifts that usually provided for free, as a part of a promotional scheme, don't you? But following reading this article and discover a way to be a better human being, you would learn to say no.

A lot of us try to do better things with regard to be greener, and there's the famous three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And a lot of us are struggling to achieve those things. We are not consuming bottled water any more and we have shifted to towels instead of tissues; we have transformed empty bottles and cans into different uses than their originals; and we reprocess them by recycling when they break or damaged.

However, we also have other R should be embraced, and it is pretty effortless one. It is Refuse.

You have to stop approving on free stuffs, 'cause consumption doesn't only arise when you purchase things. As it said in «Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste» by author Bea Johnson: «It also happens through the act of accepting things that are handed out to us».

We have to get used to refuse things, that in order to cause as few as we can of havoc and wastes. And as much as we achieve the refusal in this context, we would be better persons.

Then, what prevent you from refuse when someone give you something for free? That includes the plastic bottles that you would be given when visiting a stadium, the sofa that a relative is abandoning when they are moving, or the clothes that is free with your purchase.

It could take practice 'cause it is not easy for the greater share of our society to refuse taking costless objects. You may feel occasionally that it's a rude behavior to say no. Johnson the author said: «The trick here is to be armed with a few sentences, like ‘That's really nice of you, but no, thank you, Thanks, I'm good».

We could, in another occasion, just accept the plastic bottled water and say to ourselves: «it sounds good if I recycle it or give it to someone in need of it». but let's not lying to ourselves, when somebody want to drink water he will not go to bring a bottled water from a recycling store. Additionally, recycling is not always a pure solving process. You can check with reports of the past five years to understand that the majority of recyclables from the West and especially the US are arriving in the end of their long trip to pour in landfills. Moreover, that happened last year because China, which played for the long time the role of buyer of the recycled stuffs and things from the US and Australia, has limited what she import from other countries. And officials in the British government stated that they government was shipping their waste away to other countries through corrupting the officials of receiving countries.

You have to ask yourself now: should I really accept free gifts and then show appreciation for it?

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