Woman As a Wife, Daughter, Sister, and Mother: Many reasons to Pay Respect to Women

Some men might think of women as inferior, stupid, silly, dependent , and lots of other stereotypical images that are meant to degrade women. These men are not gentlemen, as simple as it is, and unfortunately these types of men exist among us and they happen to occur more frequently in certain communities.

Women are not like that, not at all. If we compare what a man is capable of to what a woman could do, we will find a huge difference on different aspects, some of which is the capacity of holding responsibilities, strength, tolerance, and the impact of each type on society.

Men might be more capable physically, they might be more hard working, and more into taking serious decisions that could prove right or wrong later on. However, women dominate many other aspects in life like having the capability to hold a baby in her womb for 9 month which needs lots of stamina, she can raise a child which requires lots of wisdom, and she can also strengthen up her man and support him in ways he can never do. She can keep admiring his silly words and non-logical acts just for the sake of love and support. No man can do that !. 

The woman plays different and many roles in society. She is a wife, a sister, a daughter, and most importantly and worth mentioning a mother.

Woman, firstly, as a wife is an important basic fundamental part of the society in which she has huge responsibilities to hold. A wife must work hard in order to build her home and keep decent relationship with her husband via working hard at her home and her work. For example, if the man has no job, will he clean the house or prepare the food? However, a wife whether she has a job or not, she can still maintain balance between her home and her job.

Another serious and important responsibility is raising children. Women are more capable of raising children, teaching them how to do things, how to eat, how to drink, how to speak properly, how to read, how to write, and how to do things at school, helping them in their studies and doing homework. Unlike men who are less capable of doing such things and less tolerant towards their children's attitude or how to manage their different needs and swings of moods.

We can never deny that men work hard and do whatever it takes to afford a decent life for their families and food on table like said; however, women do even harder and more difficult jobs than working and making money, and the funny thing is that women are not looking for payback but we will get to that later.

Both man and woman have to stand by each other rather than telling who works harder than the other, both have to co-build their home, and both have to co-do every single thing in life. What some men need to learn is that the woman is not an object, not a doll, not a maid; she is a partner and a basic fundamental part of life.

Woman as a sister, furthermore, is another role of the woman in society. She, as a sister, is not an object or a person who just listens to you, man!. You, as a brother, always have to stand by your sister, to go out with her, to treat her nicely, and to do whatever she wants and asks for, not to yell at her, or treat her improperly. You lack lots of things without your sister. She is the power you have, the kindness you live with, the one who feels you, understands you, steps up when your back is against the wall, and more importantly, stands by you when you need help without even asking her to.

For me, I have a twin sister, and this is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my entire life. A twin sister is something miraculous, for you to feel that you are two persons, two bodies, but one soul and one mind that is divided into two bodies. We, always, think the same, have the same opinions, feel things simultaneously, help each other, and do whatever needed to support each other. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me, a sister is the best gift you can get.

Woman as a daughter is one of the most important roles of women. A daughter is the source of kindness, tenderness, and beauty. Your daughter is the first and perhaps the only one who idolizes you and look forward to you as a role model.

Women, in general, are the source of kindness, tenderness, and the softness. They have nice hearts that will offer help whenever you need them without getting to ask. They, however, are not stupid nor easily can be deceived; never think of that. They are clever and intelligent, but they are soft hearted, and real gentlemen shouldn't take advantage of that at all. It's a sign of love and love can only be paid back by love.

A daughter thinks of her father as the one who raised her and got her whatever she wanted. You are the source of pleasure for your daughter and she will never forget this, and she will always do whatever it takes to help you, to please you, and to soften you up.

Different roles she has, but this role is not replaceable no matter what, a mother.

My mother, your mother, any mother; Who can pay his mother back for what she has done, what she is doing and what she will do for you?

At least, can you, man, pay your mother just for the nine months? Or tell me if you can pay her for at least the moment she has been giving birth to you and literally risking her life for yours? Or can you bear the pain she has been through, the nights she has been awake too late to take care of you, the time she has spent teaching you, and millions of things she has already done and others she is ready to do for you.

You will never ever be able to pay back your mother for what she has done to you. What could I say about mothers?. Words, poetry, and everything will stand speechless to describe our mothers for what they have done to us, and what they are capable of.

My mother and every mother, we are absolutely surely undeniably undoubtedly and certainly nothing without you, mum. We will never be able to make it up for you, mum.

Hey, at least please your mother and do whatever she wants without letting her down or even mummer a word.

Women are never inferior nor stupid nor dependent; They are the basic, the foundation, and the fundamental part of the society. At least, be kind to her; she deserves everything. She is everything, indeed.

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