Women VS Men: Who is Smarter and How Their Brains Act Differently?

Neither sex is more intelligent than the other, their brains are just different. For instance, a certain area of the brain controls language, and women have more than men do. However, women's superior language skills certainly do not mean that women are more intelligent than men. Indeed, men generally show superior ability in math and reasoning.

Women VS Men: Who is Smarter and How Their Brains Act Differently?

Another difference between them, Men are better at reading maps, but women are better at remembering the location of objects.

Perhaps men's and women's brains developed different skills because of the different tasks they performed in prehistoric times. In ancient days, men were the hunters. They had to be able to track preys, make fire, and then find their way back to the camp. Women, on the other hand, were the gatherers. They were responsible for finding leaves, roots, and berries. so they had to remember the location of particular trees and plants. Thus, men's brains were programmed to follow routes and women's to remember locations.

Are men really a better drivers than women?

The differences extend even into the area of automobile driving, it seems. Believing that they are far better drivers than women. Men consider women drivers incompetent, inattentive, and even dangerous behind the wheel. However, statistics prove that women are, in fact, safer drivers than men. For example, insurance rates. Insurance rates for women are 20  percent lower than they are for men. Another proof is that more accidents are caused by male drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 than by any other group. Also the greater percentage of accidents involving deaths caused by men. Although women are criticized for being too cautious. They are really just being safe drivers. The reasons for women drivers' safer driving habits can perhaps be found in the differing attitudes of the sexes towards automobiles. On the one hand, women drivers who regard the automobile as a convenience. Like a washing machine. on the other hand, men regard the automobile as an extension of their egos. Using it as a weapon when they feel particularly aggressive. Or using it as a status symbol.

All in all, women are safer drivers. Because of their attitude. Men can learn to become safe drivers. If they adopt the attitude that an automobile is merely a convenience.

The boxes and wires theory

We're gonna start discussing men's brain, women's brains and how they're very different from each other. According to (John Gray) the author of (Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus),  men's brains are very unique. men's brains are made up of little boxes and they have a box for everything. They've got a box for the car, they got a box for the money, a box for the job, a box for the woman, a box for the kids.

They got boxes everywhere. When a man discusses a particular subject, they go to that particular box they pull that box out, open it and discuss only what is in that box and then they close the box and put it away. They are being very careful not to touch any other boxes

Now women's brains are very different from men's brains. Women's brains are made up of a big ball of wire and everything is connected to everything. It's like the internet superhighway and it's all driven by energy that we call emotion. It's one of the reasons why women tend to remember everything because if you take an event and you connect it to an emotion burns in your memory and you can remember it forever. Men have a box in their brain that most women are not aware of this particular box has nothing in it. In fact, they call it the nothing box and of all the boxes a man has in his brain the nothing box is their favorite box. If a man has a chance he'll go to his nothing box every time that's why a man can do something seemingly completely brain- dead for hours on him, like fishing.

So there will be always differences, it's not disputed, it only contrasts not conflicts. To deal and live with each other, we must understand everything about the other gender.

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