Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

Maintaining health and beauty is considered a necessary and vital matter for many people, and one of the most important things that a person must take care of to achieve this is good sleep. Damage to health and cause sleep disturbances and these habits include: 

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

Here are some of the more dangerous habits you have before bed:

1- Sleeping late:

There is nothing better than sleeping early and waking up early to maintain health, as sleeping late causes an imbalance in the body that impedes the restoration process necessary for the body's safety and sense of well- being.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

2- Sleeping right after dinner:

After eating dinner be careful not to go to bed directly, but you should walk for at least 10 minutes, this helps in the digestion process and avoids bloating, and good digestion helps to get a good sleep, and prevents other health problems. 

3- Using electronic devices on the bed

Studies have shown that browsing electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers right before bed, seriously affects the quality of your sleep.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

4- Have a coffee before bed:

It is not recommended to drink coffee before bedtime, because it enhances brain activity and affects the quality and quality of your sleep, and it is also a diuretic and increases the urge to urinate, and this affects the quality of your sleep and makes you wake up more than once during the night.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

5- Eating too much before bed:

It is preferable to eat light meals before bedtime, because eating a heavy meal will cause serious health problems, especially sleep disturbances that cause an imbalance in the body.

6- Eating snacks in front of the TV:

Another dangerous habit are eating snacks after dinner, in front of the TV in the bedroom, so it is advised to place the TV in the living room to avoid such a habit, which puts you at risk of weight gain and exposure to health problems. 

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

7- Excessive intake of water: 

Some people drink large amounts of water before going to bed, which increases their need to go to the bathroom to urinate throughout the night, which leads to not getting enough sleep. Therefore, it is preferable to distribute the body’s need for water throughout the day, taking into account emptying the bladder. Before going to bed.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

8- Lack of exercise:

We often feel lazy and lethargic at nightfall, and for this reason, we postpone exercising for the next morning, knowing that exercising before bedtime improves mood, reduces the chances of insomnia, and helps the body get enough rest Sleep, and it contributes to early awakening. 

9- Take some medications:

Some people believe that during sleep the body becomes more able to absorb the active substances with the drugs, knowing that this does not apply to all medicinal tablets, because there are drugs that contain stimulants and stimulants, so they must be obtained approximately 3 hours before going to sleep, to avoid Insomnia throughout the night.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

10- Surf the Internet:

Most people tend to browse social networking sites on their mobile phones before bedtime, knowing that this habit may negatively affect eye and brain health, and therefore, take into account not to use electronic tablets two or 3 hours before bedtime, to help the body get sufficient rest.

11- Ignore room weather:

Some people have difficulty sleeping due to the room temperature, therefore, it is necessary to prepare the place designated for sleeping in terms of temperature, in winter, close windows should be taken into account to warm the room, and in the summer time, care must be taken to open the windows to moisten the air in the place, wiping with a sufficient amount. From sleeping.

12- Get into bedtime discussions:

Most couples discuss life matters before going to sleep, knowing that the emotion associated with these discussions may be the cause of insomnia throughout the night and the inability to sleep, so it is preferable to postpone any conversations for the next morning, or occupy the mind by reading books or enjoying quiet music. On the other hand, sipping herbal drinks, until you fall asleep. 

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

Healthy habits work better in the evening: 

Taking care of health is essential in our life, but there are habits that are preferred to be practiced in the morning and others that achieve better results when done in the evening, here are the most important There are many healthy habits that we can do daily to maintain physical and psychological health, and some of these habits are advised to be applied at night to obtain the maximum benefits and to ensure you a quiet sleep and morning full of vitality and activity.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

1- Washing the face

Most, if not all, people are interested in washing the face immediately after waking up from sleep, and some ignore this habit before bed, despite its importance. Throughout the day, the skin faces many pollutants through the air, and the harmful chemical preparations that women apply, so washing the face before going to sleep is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of the skin and its youth. In addition, sleeping with the skin when it is carrying all these bacteria and pollutants increases its damage and the appearance of pimples and impurities in it. Of them. 

2- Use mouthwash

During sleep, the chances of developing tooth decay and gingivitis increase, and in order not to allow the bacteria to multiply during a dry mouth during sleep, brushing the teeth must be done before going to bed. In addition, the use of mouthwash helps to cleanse it and rid it of the bacteria that cause many diseases, as well as lead to the emergence of bad breath.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

3- Eat yogurt

We often hear about the benefits of eating yogurt before bed, we do not know the secret. Yogurt is one of the healthy foods that helps the digestive system work better, and it gives the body an adequate dose of beneficial bacteria, and thus helps the immune system to perform its functions well during sleep.

4- Do some exercises

Some people suffer from insomnia and sleep disturbances, due to the frequent thinking and feeling of tension and anxiety because of many life pressures. You can exercise a 20- minute walk or some light exercise on the bed, and deep breathing helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

5- Comb the hair

Inevitably, the woman combing her hair immediately after waking up, but it will be easier if she does this before bed as well, so that the hair becomes less tangled and damaged, and you can comb it quickly and effortlessly, especially if she wants to leave the house quickly. 

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

6- Bathing and massages

After a long and hard day, an evening body massage and a warm bath will help relieve stress, sweating and other annoying effects. Sleeping after cleaning the body and having a massage or relaxation session in the water will ensure you a quiet sleep and mornings more refreshing.

Wrong bedtime’s habits cause sleep disturbance

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